Private Project

Break Free | Fresh Empire

“Setting sights on CEO OF INDEPENDENCE as my goal,” Jayy Starr speaks on changing her future by breaking her family’s cycle of pain, disease, and death brought on by tobacco addiction. “You see, my mom’s double shift wasn’t in vain. Low-achiever, at-risk, disregarded. I will BREAK THAT CHAIN.”

Starring in Fresh Empire—a tobacco prevention campaign designed to prevent and reduce tobacco use among at-risk youth who identify with the Hip Hop culture—Jayy Starr shares her personal story of empowerment to demonstrate why she rejects cigarettes to regain control of her future.

While Hip Hop culture encourages positive values such as working hard to be successful and overcoming personal struggles, it can also promote imagery and messages portraying tobacco as desirable. Jayy Starr is changing that perception as she uses her music to shift societal perspectives and preach positivity. In her own words, she is “not broken, but awoken.”

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    30 seconds
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