Tugnutt: A Love Supreme

When a family man gains instant celebrity status as TV spokesman, his newfound celebrity threatens to tear his family apart and challenge his notion of a happy life.
GENRE: Comedy
After being fired from his job, recovering alcoholic and family man Ted Tugnutt inadvertently saves a man from choking at a local art festival. When a local camera crew captures the heroic incident, a TV producer hires him to pose as a doctor for a television commercial for Vaginela—a product geared towards female arousal.

When the commercial goes viral, his front yard becomes a battleground in the war between “Vaginists” and “Purists.” As Ted attempts to thwart the attention, he became all the more famous and seen as a desirable spokesman (even by the LGBTQ movement). In the meantime, Ted struggles to bond with his daughter and her boyfriend, and construct a bridge between his newfound celebrity and his family.

Ted Tugnutt discovers if you want to be truly happy, being famous isn’t enough. "Tugnutt" is a story about being true to who we are and who we love with a helluva lot of laughs along the way.

  • Nathan Yacos
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Writer Biography - Nathan Yacos

Masters in Special Education. Undergraduate Degree in Political Science. Special education teacher for over 20 years. Currently serving as virtual Special Education teacher in North Carolina. Grew up in Smithtown, Long Island New York.

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About Me: I’m a political junky, social satirist screenwriter. In contract for production, "Santiago Sings". Currently working on feature length comedies - "The Improv", "Daisy" and "Bigfoot". I write high concept stories with edgy humor and current subject matter. I tease, torment, and keep them laughing.