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Mars Landing

Humanity has been under close observation by an interstellar organization of hundreds of sentient species. The observer is an ancient metallic asteroid, a digital life form, overseeing an interstellar blockade of Earth, waiting for humans to develop inter-planetary travel. Landing on Mars triggers legal proceedings, which will determine the fate of humanity's interaction with other sentient species in the galaxy.

Random human representatives must defend humanity before the interstellar court composed of the asteroid and three judges from different sentient species. The defenders are: Ms. Alison Verbach, a professor of physics at MIT and genius whose MIT classes are monitored by the asteroid; Mr. Mohammed Asgar, a Sargent in the US Marine Corp and a Sufi master whose astral powers are shown in army battle scenes; and Mr. Raj Krishnan, an accountant and a yoga master whose astral powers help save a blockade running group of aliens from US Army prison. The charges brought against humanity include attempted genocide against other sentient species on planet Earth.

Humanity is found guilty by the triumvirate of judges, but the sentence is decided by the asteroid, who dislikes all oxygen breathing species and is functioning erratically due to over exposure to the sun's cosmic rays affecting its digital brain. To the shock of the judges the asteroid sentences humanity to extermination. They cannot prevent the sentence being carried out, by the launching of a device capable of exterminating humanity.

Sargent Mohammed Asgar sacrifices his life trying to save humanity. The asteroid is cured by the arrival of its digital mother asteroid, but the device capable of exterminating humanity cannot be recalled or destroyed. The astral ghost of Sargent Asgar, together with the astral powers of Raj Krishnan are able to destroy the device and save humanity.

The three humans, one ghostly, and the asteroid, are appointed to supervise the quarantine of humanity and its reform, to bring it to the point where it can in future join the galaxy of sentient species. The final scene is an address to the United Nations General Assembly spelling out the terms of the quarantine and the beginning of what Earth's nations must do to meet those terms and evolve.

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