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General Harriet Tubman

Legendary Abolitionist Harriet Tubman brings the daring and cunning that secreted slaves from servitude to the battlefields in the heart of the Confederacy when she is recruited by the United States Army to serve as a scout and a spy during the Civil War. Battling not only the reluctance of Army brass and even the men under her command to trust a woman in charge of military operations, Harriet not only carries out her mission, she also develops a plan to rescue hundreds of imperiled slaves in a single daring raid with three hundred Union soldiers supporting her.

  • Joseph Lawrence Thompson
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    United States
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  • Black Screenplays Matter Screenplay Contest

    December 12, 2017
    Semi Finalist
Writer Biography - Joseph Lawrence Thompson

Co-founder and CEO of Araminta Films, Mr. Thompson will serve as the Writer/Producer for General Harriet Tubman and will actively develop future talent and oversee producers for future Araminta Films’ projects. Thompson has worked in the film industry for eighteen years, ranging from PA to writer to producer. He is also a partner in truedemocracy, Inc., a consultation firm primarily serving the needs of non-profit organizations and governmental entities. Thompson has extensive knowledge of entertainment law and production management. In 2016, Joseph founded Araminta Films with long-time collaborator Steven Staats to write produce and direct motion pictures. “General Harriet Tubman” is their first project.

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Writer Statement

This is a true labor of love for me. This is the story of Harriet Tubman that most people do not know, but should. Harriet is a true American hero in the tradition of any great military leader in history. When you read this story, you'll be asking yourself, "where is the statue for this Civil War Hero?"