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Valley of The Gun

When FINN JAEGER wakes up from a brutal beating to find his wife missing and his farm burned to the ground, he treks out to initiate his own brand of justice in the God forsaken hills of California. When a Latina bombshell on the run crosses his path; she brings on double the trouble as they venture out seeking their destinys. Will he find his love before being killed by outlaws? Or, before he falls for the woman riding shotgun with him?

  • Shane Hagedorn
    Ashes of Eden
  • Shane Hagedorn
    The Model Father
    The Model Father
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    United States
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  • Mountain Film Festival
    Mammoth Lakes, CA
    January 31, 2018
    Award Winner
Writer Biography - Shane Hagedorn

Shane Hagedorn is an actor and award winning producer of feature length films. He began acting in the late 90's by enrolling into a theatre program at a local community college. There he was cast in numerous plays, one earning him an Iren Ryan Acting Nomination. As a writer/director he has produced two features and a documentary: (2008) The Model Father, a film he wrote, directed, produced, and edited; the documentary Craftsman Style (2009), and Ashes of Eden (2014). In 'Ashes' he served as writer, director, producer, actor, and editor.

Hagedorn has collaborated on many other projects with award winning and nationally recognized Michigan production companies through his own company, New House Entertainment. He is currently working on several films in various stages of production and development; a trilogy of biblical era films, a western in which he stars and co-produces, and a TV series. He is married and and resides in his home state of Michigan.

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Writer Statement

I love writing. Since I was young, I'd write short stories. I was sent to gifted and talented classes in 4th grade. I was writing my own raps and spoofs of songs in middle school. In high school I wrote short stories. Now, as a filmmaker I'm very fortunate to write stories that compel me to complete them. Ones that hopefully one day, may get made into motion pictures.

Writing to me is really the best form of artistry because it serves many arts in one. As an actor, I can play all the parts. As a director, I can craft the scenes and build the suspense. As a producer, I can write for budget and what can be marketed on the world stage.

I love writing because it transports me to a place that is dangerous, loving, and challenges to step out of my comfort zone and dare to dream.