Youdaism: A Jewish American Journey

A half-Jew, amateur Chicago comedian, Becca, and her documentary crew journey through the world of American Judaism to discover if Judaism beats comedy as a religion. From NYC to Chicago to LA, Becca learns about the history of American Jews, bagel and lox, the Jewish religion, and finding happiness.

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    Mockumentary, Comedy, Biopic, Romantic Comedy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Becca Tham

Becca Tham is a Chewish (Chinese and Jewish) comedian and writer. Based in Chicago, IL, she works as a Musical Director at iO Improv Chicago, where she also was one of the first DiOversity Scholarship Recipients in 2016. Becca has worked on several live sketch shows at the Second City, including the July 2017 sketch revue "Where All the White Sneakers At?". She is graduating in Fall 2017 from University of Illinois at Chicago with an Undergraduate Degree in Communication. Her cat is Jewish.

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Correction for "Youdaism: A Jewish American Journey": In the synopsis, "upcoming" should be "up-and-coming".