Broken Hallelujah

The story is told and narrated by Roland Sanchez, a line agent of the National Bureau of Investigation, who was tasked to investigate cases involving the trafficking of women and minors in the Philippines. It’s a riveting story which tells the story of three, young women who became victims of human trafficking . Maria , a 17 year old lass was sold by her mother to a member of human trafficking syndicates due to extreme hardship.
Pamela, on the other hand, is a 19 year-old girl whose dream to enter the modeling and show business world to gain fame and attention turned out to be a nightmare. She was recruited abroad and in the process was sexually abused and exploited.
Karla, a 15 year-old junior high school student, was abducted by human trafficking syndicates on her way to school. The isolation and the hopelessness she felt while being physically abused by men, normally numbering to 10 to 20 per night forced her to take her own life.
The film also chillingly gives us spectacles of young, fragile and innocent minors being utilized by the syndicates to work in a factory, using their slaved hands. They are bond laborers who accrue and inherent debts that can never be repaid, no matter how long they work.
John Meneses is a government agent who, in the pursuit of truth and justice which represents the mantra of the law enforcement agency he works for, suffered unspeakable agony of losing the lives of his own family from the hands of human traffickers, who are behind the barbaric acts of exploiting the young women and children.
Anton is the head of the human trafficking syndicate who lured, controlled, and compelled his innocent victims into forced labor and commercial sex acts.

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  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 42 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    August 15, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 USD
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  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
    Black & White and Color
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    August 21, 2017
    Philippines Premiere
  • Film makers of the Year Award
    February 4, 2018
    Film maker of the Year Gold Award
  • World Premiere Film Awards

    February 4, 2018
    Best in Show, Best Produced Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress

    United Kingdom
    February 4, 2018
    Best Film
  • European Independent Film Awards

    Online festival
    Silver Award for Best film
  • European Philippine International Film Festival
    March 7, 2018
    Special Jury Prize
Director Biography - ROLANDO SANCHEZ

Roland Sanchez is, by profession, an investigator and line agent of the National Bureau of Investigation. His more than 15 years of investigating transnational crimes such as human trafficking, drug trafficking cybercrimes, and other while collar crimes like graft and fraud cases had opened another horizon for him to become a film maker. To date, he had penned and directed seven full length movies with various genre , all with strong and lasting social impact and transformational message. Last year, he did a movie which other directors wont dare do during that period. The movie “EJK”, shot only in three days, has been officially selected in twelve international film festivals in Europe and USA and won a prestigious Founder’s Award in film excellence in Riverside CA, USA last April, 2017. This year, he just wrapped up the shoot of “Broken Halleluyah”, a riveting, disturbing and though-provoking film about human trafficking. Roland Sanchez avers that the film will serve as systematic narration of his investigative journey into the world of human trafficking. To this date, at least three US-based international film festival had expressed their desire to have the film premiered in their festivals. He , however, opted for a Philippine premiere for “Broken Halleluyah” at the end of August this year.

Roland also wrote and authored two books. The one he wrote, titled “An Examined Life” (What Makes an NBI Agent) was adapted into a documentary-drama movie which he also produced and directed. The movie featured the lives of real life NBI agents. And just like all of his movies, the said digital masterpiece turned out to be a moving and inspiring work of art as it beautifully expound on what the great Greek philosopher Socrated had once said, “the unexamined life is not worth –living.”

A known wide-reader who puts premium on education, Roland is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Advertising and Public Relations. He also completed BS Criminology . He also had under his belt two masters degree, one is Masters Business Administration and another one is Masters in Public Administration. This year, he is set to take up Masters Degree in Public Safety Administration.

You would be surprised to find out that Roland is aso a gifted singer and musician. He wrote a total of twenty original songs, most of them have been used in his movies. He was a self-supporting student back in college, Aside from his singing gig then, he sold practically everything , from tupperware to used cars to life insurance to real estate. At present, he owns and manages Redpost Production House, a company which is engaged in cinema camera rentals and offers post production services for filmsm commercials, AVPs and weddings

Make no mistake about it, but this tall, chinito, good-looking film director-cum singer-songwriter-cum NBI agent-cum enterpreneur can easily be mistaken as local tv and film artist. He admitted, though, that he was asked couple of times by tv and film producers to act on tv and big screen, but he declined for personal reasons he is only privy to.

One has to go to his FB wall and you will be delighted no end by his hilarious and sometimes out-of-this world anecdotes and posts. His witty and tongue-in-cheeks brand of humor endears him to his FB friends. Roland has this uncanny ability to play with words and make them downright funny. We are not surprised that he also has an upcoming film titled “Si Tokhang at ang Tropang Buang” a satire comedy which has expanded into a rapid series of gags. The movie aims to bring to the spotlight various subjects rarely confronted by the public such as the sexual promiscuity of catholic clergies, infidelity, drug addiction, poverty, and even men’s impotency by using humor, irony, exaggeration and ridicule.

When asked what his greatest desire in life is, he said that its having someone who would love him much less understand the complexities and nuances of his rather unpredictable character and personality.


2012 “So Much Pain So in Love” (full length)
writer-director-producer, RMS Productions
Anthea Murfet, Mocha Uson, Melissa Mendez

2013 “Tell Me” (full-length)
writer-director-producer, RMS Productions
Julio Diaz, Jao Mapa

2014 “An Examined Life” (What makes an NBI Agent) (documentary) writer-director-producer, RMS Productions

2016 “Teniente Gimo” (Full Length)
writer-director, VIVA Films, KIB Productions
John Regala, Julio Diaz, Mon Confiado, Suzette Ranillo
Joshua Dioniso, Eliza Pineda, Ces Aldaba, Erlinda Villalobos

2016 “Si Tokhang ang ang Tropang Buang) (Full Length)
Writer-Director, KIB Productions
Leo Martinez, Mon Confiado, K Brosas, Dennis Padilla, Long Mejia
Rej Abellana, Krystal Reyes, Joshua Dionisio, Migs Cuardeno
Jeff Gaitan, Moymoy Palaboy, Whitney Tyson, Kate Brios

2016 “EJK” (Full Length)
Writer-Director, KIB Productions
Mon Confiado, Felix Roco, DJ Durano, Leon Miguel

2017 “Broken Halleluyah (full-length)
Kyline Alcantara, Eliza Pineda, Rob Sy, Bani Baldiserri, Vic Romano, Jef Gaitan
Kate Brios, Deniece Cornejo

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Director Statement

We, who are in the forefront of the fight against human trafficking, are all aware that there are millions of young women and children across the globe today who were deceived , abducted, seduced and sold by their own families to be prostituted across the globe. These sex slaves are forced to service hundreds, often thousands of men before they are discarded, forming the backbone of one of the most illicit enterprises in the world. As law enforcers, we all know that drug trafficking generates greater dollar revenues, but trafficked women are far more profitable. Unlike a drug, a woman does not have to be grown, cultivated, distilled or packaged. Unlike a drug, a human female can be used by customers again and again and again.

Up to now, every time we rescue those hapless and helpless young women and children from the clubs, brothels, houses, and streets of Metro Manila and far –flung provinces , we are still aghast with the fact that one of the most shocking things about the traffickers is how regular they are. They are mothers and fathers, and close relatives who blend seamlessly with the rest of the society. The absolute cold-heartedness, matter of-fact they treat these transactions is staggering- just like as if they are just selling merchandize.

In the course of our mandate to rescue victims of human trafficking, we, agents and investigators of NBI-Anti-Human Trafficking Division, have met some women and children who are victims of human trafficking who suffered unspeakable acts of barbarity. Meeting these victims was not easy. With each interview, we became increasingly filled with heartbreak, and even rage. Nothing I narrate can possibly convey the pain of looking into the eyes of a minor, who had been forced to have sex with hundreds of men even before reaching the age of sixteen.

“BROKEN HALLELUYAH ” is not an exploitation movie piece. It is a film that shows all the grim details of modern day slavery. The film literally forces us to experience the cruel, vicious human trafficking business. It is brutally captured on film in a manner that spares nothing to unveil the atrocities created by soul-less people who ply this trade.
Though I originally intended this movie as a systematic narration of my investigative journey into the sex trafficking industry, I realized I want to recount a life-altering experience, one that motivates in me to contribute to a more successful international efforts to put a stop to human trafficking and all other forms of contemporary slavery.