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As Jamie struggles to find his place in the always turbulent, present-day social hierarchy of young adulthood, Jamie becomes caught between his seemingly precocious lifestyle as the son of a well-renowned doctor and a fully initiated, jumped-in member of a street gang. As it becomes more and more apparent that he can no longer maintain the status quo of both paths, simultaneously, Jamie is forced to choose his path, despite the incendiary ramifications that could result.

  • Dylan Tyler
    2017 Swackhamer Video Contest -- 2nd Place, Making a Killing (2016 48 Hour Film Festival - Atlanta)
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    Television Script
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Writer Biography - Dylan Tyler

Dylan Tyler (formerly Dylan Oxley) is an aspiring Hollywood screenwriter who is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Tyler graduated from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film (via the University of Nebraska-Lincoln) in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine & Performing Arts. To date, Mr. Tyler has acted in many productions, most notably Big Mama’s Kitchen (as himself), a pilot that premiered on Food Network on December 6, 2013, as well as Nobody: A Kingdom Hearts Fan Film (as Len), which was screened at various film festivals, including the Omaha Film Festival.

Since Mr. Tyler’s move to Atlanta, he has focused more on his passion for screenwriting. Currently, Mr. Tyler is shopping a pilot for a T.V. series he wrote titled, Hoodlums, in which he has completed the first season, along with a proof-of-concept to show investors/networks. Dylan Tyler also co-wrote a short-film named Making a Killing, which was screened in front of an audience at the 48-Hour Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia on July 18, 2016 at the Midtown Cinema.

While Mr. Tyler has only had two of his films see the big screen, he also has a trove of various screenplays that vary from short to feature-length. One of these screenplays, Hail Mary, is a feature-length film that follows a small-town, star of the high school football team (Hayden) as he copes with his brother’s suicide after a hazing incident by the very team for which he plays. Hayden struggles to line-up next to the boys he holds responsible for his brother’s death, yet his scholarship to college (and his way out of the small-town he harbors resentment towards) depends on it. Hail Mary is loosely based on a true story that occurred in a surrounding Nebraska town.

In addition to Hoodlums, Making a Killing and Hail Mary, Dylan Tyler is also developing two short-films by the titles of Term and Open Season, following the recent rape laws passed In Louisiana and Arkansas, where the rapist has to give consent for the victim to terminate her pregnancy, as well as a story of man who is invited to a work retreat in the woods of Georgia, only to be hunted by his employer, respectively. The latter is a loose adaption of Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game.”

You can find more information about Dylan Tyler on IMDb (, or his personal website (

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Dylan seeks to craft original stories and share them with diverse audiences around the country and the globe.