"Fire Dancer" by Stephen Sorenson

A soldier returns home desiring to become a professional poker player, believing it's a safer vocation than army combat, so she thought, until winning a poker pot from a serial killer. Now her life hinges on her dire need to send that psycho to hell.
(Ms Rambo meet Rounders)

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    Action, Thriller, War, Crime, Love, Suspense
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    United States
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  • Las Vegas Screenplay Contest for story "Rivered"
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    August 8, 2017
    2nd Place
Writer Biography

Retired from the US army. Served 20 years as a motion picture cameraman and still photographer in the United States Army Signal Corp. Some of my most notable military photography assignments were: a) Photographing the armistice meetings in Panmunjom Korea. b) Still and motion picture documentation of army weapons and equipment testing in sub-zero conditions at the Cold Regions Test Center, Fort Greely, Alaska. c) Making and editing 16mm medical training films at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington DC. d) Instructed Army, Air Force and Marine students the craft of motion picture photography and film editing at the Lowry AFB, Denver, CO.

Now living in Overton, NV. Currently, enjoys poker, terrain photography, and screenwriting.

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Writer Statement

This story "Fire Dancer" applauds the American Indian and our women's service in the U.S. Army.

An army platoon that has some female soldiers that fight alongside the male soldiers is lead by an American Indian Platoon Leader whose tribal name is "Fire Dancer." She leads a motivated platoon into a battle that happens upon and rescues a dozen American POWs and one allied Russian POW that foreshadows the story ending plot twist.

Fire Dancer, Shawna Chenoa, has been reading a poker book during her breaks in combat. Later, after earning a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, she decides that a professional poker career would be safer than combat, so she thought.

Our heroine returns home and marries a former Army Captain who is also an American Indian that piloted Apache helicopters during the war. Her poker career is successful until she wins a large pot of poker chips from a serial killer. Her husband and a friend are sent to the Promised Land by this killer. She must save herself and others by sending that psycho to hell.

There are humorous, enchanting, and thrilling sub-themes throughout the main story.