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Squirrel Season

Squirrel Season- Synopsis

City slickers meet country hick killers in this tale of revenge gone bad.
When Peter Nolan cans his affair with his intern Samantha and goes back to his wife, Samantha vows to have him killed off, only to end up dead when Peter retaliates as he battles the demise of his marriage and his squirrel infestation at his country home in Atlanta, Georgia.

We find Peter Nolan at his downtown office in A-Town. He is getting it on with his sexy young intern Samantha. His wife Lori is busy house hunting in the country. She finds the perfect home, a ten acre Plantation estate which they promptly make an offer on. Little do they know that local squirrels have also taken up residence in the attic.

Peter dumps Samantha but she is more than pissed and vows to get her revenge on him. She hires a contract killer to kill Peter. Peter has his own problems dealing with the move, the squirrels and his demanding wife. Their relationship slowly deteriorates as the house begins to come apart, their relationship strained as Peter gets caught in lies, gets enraged by the squirrels and slowly loses his slick demeanor and becomes a raging tyrant, obsessed to kill the squirrels and his former lover.

After several failed attempts on Peter’s life, the realization that somebody is trying to kill him settles in and Peter hires a local exterminator Willy St James, a Bible pounding, ex-sniper Veteran to kill Samantha off. They vow complete secrecy but Willy is a local fixture and everywhere he goes he is recognized and everybody wants to know his business.

Willy kills Samantha by planting some roaches in her apartment and goes back to exterminate them and her.

The boys get caught and are sent to the Penetentiary for fifteen years. Peters life as he knew it has ended and he begins a new life.

  • Heidi Jacoben
    Shanghai Palace, Sunburnt
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Writer Biography - Heidi Jacoben

Baby Vulture Films - Heidi Jacobsen
(561) 414-7008

Created and wrote short films: Tee Talk Series, Strike Spy, Being Ed, Into The Wilderness, Granny Slots, Waters Bridge, Jason Ricci – The Making of A Music Video, Love Is All Around Us, Utopia, Louisianna, The Monkey and The Orange Tree.

Amazon Storyteller contest, Asian American International Film Festival and American Zoetroupe with original Screenplay “Shanghai Palace.” Wrote and self published a series of four Womens novels High, Sunburnt, Golf Widow, Noir and Patent Pending. Fiction for children, Patty the Black Cat Series, Sir Duke Pigeon Series and Simon The Silly Snail,

Assistant To Director
Assistant to film director Cliff Guest. Producer, Co-writer on projects.
2018 Producer for Blues Harmonica Artist Jason Ricci Music Video, “I’m Too Strong”, Ellersoul Records. Casting and production.

Blues Singer, “Heidi and The El Cats”
Performed in three international blues festivals/corporate events/private parties/clubs. Recorded three albums.

Content Developer/Childrens Animation
Created content for “Patty The Black Cat”
Books/Ebooks/Videos/Music/Products. Available on and,com

Word, Final Draft. KCDW Software, I Phone Film and Edit.

Education: BFA Environmental Design, Parsons School of Design, New York. Goals: Write, Create, Perform.

Film Festivals: Works by Heidi Jacobsen

“I Miss You Dad” Short Film
6th Annual I Phone Film Festival
Beverly Hills, California
November 11, 2016

“Mum Came to Visit” Short film
6th Annual I Phone Film Festival
Beverly Hills, California
November 11, 2016

“Shopaholic Webisode # 1”
Hollywood Screening Film Festival
Hollywood, California
Semi – Finalist March 11th & 12th, 2017

“Patty The Black Cat Goes to Key West”
Festival de Cortometrajes “Jose Fransisco Rosado”
Castile-La Mancha, Spain
Best Animated Short film

“Shanghai Palace” Best Screenplay – Finalist
Los Angeles Cinefest- January 14 Promenade Playhouse
Santa Monica, California

Semi-Finalist-Miami Epic Trailer Festival
“Gigging with The Blues Crusaders”, “Shopaholic Webisode # 3”, “Tales from the Blue Zone”.
Miami, Florida August 24, 2017

Selected Animation- “Patty The Black Cat Has a Lunch Date”
Geo Film Festival & Expo Cinema
Cittadella, Padova, Italy - November 9, 2017

Selected “Comedy Television Episode”
Atlanta Comedy Film Festival
Atlanta, Georgia December 11, 2017

Semi-Finalist “The Monkey and The Orange Tree” Play
Los Angeles Cinefest
Los Angeles, California January 14, 2018

“Utopia” Selected as Best Singer/Voice
European Cinematography Awards
Warsaw, Poland January 19, 2018

Selected “Gigging With The Blues Crusaders”
“Rock’ N ’Roll Film Festival
Kenya, Naiobi January 28th 2018
Selected “Blues Conspiracy”
Cefalu Film Festival
Sicily, Italy May 1, 2018

Selected “Heidi and The El Cats One Minute Movie”
60 Second International Film Festival
Islamabad, March 16th, 2018

Selected “Patty The Black Cat Goes to Key West” Animated
Al-Nahj International Film Festival
Karbala, Iraq, April 1, 2018

Semi Finalist “Louisianna” Best Song
Los Angeles Cinefest
Los Angeles, California
April 25. 2018

Selected, “Sunburnt”
Script Shop
Cincinnatti, OH
January 31, 2019

Semi- Finalist “Love Is All Around Us”
HCF Screenplay Competition
Los Angeles, California
March 29, 2019

Selected “Jason Ricci - The Making of A Music Video”
LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival
June 11, 2019

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Squirrels are a great source of amusement.