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When the staff of a psychiatric hospital are told by the SS to vacate the premises, two nurses decide to risk their own lives to save the vulnerable young Jewish patients. Dr. Huber, the chief physician at the hospital, is being accused by the SS for orchestrating the escape.
The nurses embark on a long and dangerous journey through the Black Forest, seeking a safe haven for the children, not knowing that their route will take them right into the heart of the wolves territory.
37 years later, now living in New York City, Oliver will fulfill his promise, when all the Nazi criminals are brought to justice for the inhumane crimes they've committed during the second world war.

  • Tony Freeman
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    United Kingdom
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Writer Biography - Tony Freeman

I was born in Kosovo in 1974. After the civil war in Bosnia and Croatia was shifting towards Kosovo, I decided to leave my town and moved to London in 1997, to seek a better life.
Since I've arrived in the UK, I have done all sorts of jobs, from a kitchen porter, labourer in building sites, handyman to a designer and installer of high-end bespoke bathrooms, kitchens, wet-rooms and bedrooms.

While doing bathrooms and kitchens, between jobs, sometimes even while having my lunch in my Transit van, I wrote scripts for a cookery programme, created my own food recipes and filmed 2 pilot episodes of my food adventure.

Photography and camcorders have been my passion for over 30 years. I also enjoy acrylic and water painting when I need a break from writing.

In 2014 I decided to quit bathroom and kitchen installation to pursue my dream in writing for cinema. I am a self-taught writer. So far, I have completed 6 screenplays, now working on my 7th. I absolutely enjoy writing and creating new characters. All my screenplays are original.

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