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Watching Antelope's Theory of Everything

This is the analysis of the word God through the arcane mathematical perspective referred to as Sacred Geometry via the balance of an altered perception of illusion and reality.

The intense scrutiny of this word ‘God’, aligned with my newly formed Pi and Tao cuboidal ratios, and their relation to Phi, more commonly known as the Golden Ratio, has proven the true nature of God and explains how God is simply the dance in which spirit preforms into matter.

This study, of the word God, the creative storytelling symbol or formula - called ‘God’ - is the coexistence of Tao and Phi, which creates what is known as toroidal flow.

Applying this algorithm to the word God with the understanding of the true values of Pi and Tao, and their relation to Phi, reveals irrefutable evidence that the creator of this term ‘God’, chose it specifically to express their understanding of nature.

This word clearly expresses the understanding of the singularity, or the quantum flux. The equal and opposite explosion and implosion of consciousness; spiraling out from its center, effectively creating the trinity and memory bank. The first brush stroke to this matrix, the prequel to the book of Genesis. The first metabolic division of the seed of life. The seed to your life.

Watching Antelope’s Theory of Everything is an attempt to single handedly destroy the systems of religion that propagate states of mind control and suppression of individual enlightenment.

This study of psycho-metaphysical-geometric fusion proves there is only one, made up of three. The cuboidal trinity and its imagination.

The mathematics associated with this divine subject matter correlate with nature’s supernal fractal pattern.

What is even more peculiar is the artistry associated with the cuboidal trinity found throughout Earth’s many abandoned megalithic sites, as well as crop circles appearing across these moonlit dewy fields for hundreds of years.

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  • Watching Antelope
  • Watching Antelope
  • Watching Antelope
  • Watching Antelope
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    Psychology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Theology, Spirituality
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    24 minutes 48 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 1, 2017
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    United States
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    United States
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    16x9 HD
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Creator inspired by psychology, metaphysics, mathematics, philosophy & psychedelics

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"Life is but a dream, a dream of the lower-selves"