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Since hundreds years ago Sumatera had been one of the prior mine exploration of kolonialism and imperialism. Gold, coal, silver, cement chalk, tin, and petroleum are the reason why the land of Sumatera atracted the colonist to authorize this island. Bukit Harun mine, located in Salido Ketek (South Coast, West Sumatera) once distributed tons of pure Gold from its harbor. It is said the gold Bodhi Statue in Thailand build using the gold from this place.
One of the Bukit Harun Mine’s remenants which build on 1901 is a water DAM it has 3,5 Kilometers length accrossing hills. The stream activated electrical turbin generator water power in Salido Ketek, this generator suplied the need of electricity in gold mining Harun Hills, PT Semen Padang, all of the villager of Salido Ketek, Painan and the place surrounding. The electricity was free, but today they have to pay for it.
This Documentary Video reveal the history behind the process of making water DAM in Salido Ketek by interviewing the foreman’s son of the DAM. This film also include the story on how the workers transported from their origin land, java island to Sumatera as “contract worker”. The story on how the kindness of Dutch toward the villager of this place bring the other sight on viewing the colonist. What is the construction technics that they applied so that the DAM resisting the earthquake attacking west coast of Sumatera and enduring until now? How the villager use DAM as the tranportation to carry the wood from the forest up hill?

  • Findo Bramata Sandi
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    9 minutes 44 seconds
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    February 10, 2015
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    900 USD
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    Digital, MP4
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Director - Findo Bramata Sandi