The Echo

The Echo is an emotional passage through the many doors of perception and denial. In this cinematic journey we follow Henry, a loving father, husband and World War II veteran. Unaware of his recent stroke, he is confronted with the challenges of coming to terms with the loss of Helen, his wife of 47 years. He is guided by Suzie his middle-aged daughter, a mother with young children of her own, and his only link to the outside world. Henry is unable to see the truth of his situation, and through a twist of perception, he is thrust into his new reality. His plight is explored through dreamlike vignettes and metaphors in which we witness Henry’s touching, yet poignant, struggle.

  • Bruce Temuchin Brown
    I Am A Survivor
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    Short Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Bruce Temuchin Brown

Bruce is a West Coast photographer/filmaker specializing in portraiture of the human condition. He has shot for such clients as AT&T Wireless, United Airlines, NCR, Chevron Texaco, Money, Forbes, Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, Entrepreneur, USA Weekend Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, Chronicle Sunday Magazine and Hemispheres, to mention a few.

In his work he has a propensity for capturing his subjects' essence to the degree that their portrayal creates a connection between the viewer and the subject. This glimpse reveals the epitome of the person, which creates images that evoke a sense of knowing and being. Whether working with stills, motion or fine art, his talent for encompassing the full range of human emotion is evident and alluring.

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Writer Statement

This script is my first short film narrative. I am currently starting the preproduction for this project and will be directing this film.

Sincerely yours, Bruce Temuchin Brown