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Improvisation In Conversations

Improvisation In Conversations is a new-media, on-location talk show webcasted via the Plaza Noir Network (PNN), which takes an up-close and personal look at the lives and work of a broad array of internationally-renowned musicians, entertainers, actors, visual artists and performers. Featuring intimate and informative conversations, commentary and eclectic insights, Improvisation In Conversations offers viewers tightly-edited, brief vignettes and segments that are entertaining, educational and enriching.
Improvisation In Conversations was created, filmed and directed by award-winning director/cameraman Paul Sabu Rogers, who also is the founder of PNN and a pioneer of new-media programming. Rogers sees Improvisation In Conversations as an opportunity to converge new media and the arts, providing viewers with visually-engaging and behind-the-scenes access to creatives whose works continue to shape their respective genres.
The pilot episodes. “Tales from the Whale,” chronicle the 75th birthday celebration of legendary jazz musician Bennie Maupin. Filmed during Maupin’s two-night appearance at The Blue Whale Jazz Club located in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, Maupin performs with his ensemble, featuring guest artists, and reunites with friends and fans who have been devoted followers of his illustrious, 50-year career. The segments are co-anchored by renowned jazz aficionado LeRoy Downs and the up-and-coming South African artIst L’orriane Engling, offering perspectives to multi-generations of fans.
Improvisation In Conversations is an exciting and thought-provoking, new-media option of interest to and available for a global audience.

  • Paul Sabu Rogers
    Jazz In The Rainforest
  • Paul Sabu Rogers
    Jazz In The Rainforest
  • Bennie Maupin
    Jazz In The Rainforest
  • L'orraine Engling
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  • LeRoy Downs
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    Documentary, Experimental, Web / New Media
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    42 minutes
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    United States
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    United States
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    Country: United States
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Director Biography - Paul Sabu Rogers

Paul Sabu Rogers, career in television/film production and post started in Los Angeles after 10 years of performing as a musician with R&B and Jazz bands. Hollywood is where he developed the passion to integrate music with imagery to express creative ideas and deliver important messages. While supporting himself as musician, Paul Sabu’s pursuit of a formal education in the disciplines of film and television media, which allowed him to transition the life of uncertainty as a musician to working steady as a cameraman for commercial production companies to editor, writer, director, and producer for the government, corporate and entertainment marketplace.
Over the past two decades he worked steadily at honing his creative and technical sensibilities, which has made him a game-changer among the emerging story tellers and content creators appearing on the stage of new media.
Paul Sabu has been responsible for the creative production of hundreds of presentations which range from television commercials, music-videos, cable television pilots, electronic press kits, and documentary film projects. While at the same time producing documentary work for public and private broadcast media outlets as well as shooting for business luminaries, public figures and celebrities. Many of Paul Sabu’s projects have been through the efforts of his long-time production company, BMV Productions and others. Currently, he is combining his talents with other inspired collaborators such as, producer, Rosie Lee Hooks, Oscar award winning filmmaker, Willie Burton and composer and jazz icon, Bennie Maupin.
Paul Sabu Rogers successfully founded and launched Plaza Noir Inc. in 2009, a web-based exhibition network focused on new media content. “Jazz In The Rainforest reflects, Paul Sabu’s current production direction which is, on developing documentary styled work that brings an entertainment flair to historical, multicultural, family friendly media that will appeal to multimedia outlets worldwide.
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Director Statement

There are talk shows, there are documentaries, there are magazine shows, and journalistic exposés. There is no doubt that all of these styles are effective ways to tell a story about someone or something. Let the truth be told, however, these modes of storytelling are overdone and predictably boring.

My vision for Improvisation In Conversations is to break the standard documentary mold and renovate the format by adding unexpected elements. This includes b-rolling interviews with a performance segment or vice versa; not using linear story-telling, and cliff-hanging topics and feature segments to promote subsequent episodes. The program also uses tension-suspending techniques to generate emotional connection with the viewer.

Improvisation In Conversations offers a spontaneous and uncensored view into the lives of accomplished and celebrated personalities, who previously have steered clear of the invasive glare of constant media attention. Rather than prying, this is a platform for sharing their work and insights into how their approach is unique to their efforts. It also allows the audience to witness the passion motivating their process.
My goal with using this improvisational approach to the work is to generate a viewer experience that is entertaining, captivating and inspiring.