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Brokenness in a Strange Place

Years of inner torment circulating throughout her being
not sure if she was coming or going and most of the times
she didn't even care. She lived in constant torment and
feelings of emptiness were at time unbearable. After
living so long with her inner pain, it had become her norm
Lisa sits broken filled with despair, searching,
wanting, and desiring to know the truth of who she is as a
person. These feelings drive her to a place of
brokenness. This is an unfamiliar place for her, but in
this place is where life begins.

  • Colette Allen
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    Stage Play
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Writer Biography - Colette Allen

My name is Colette Allen and I write plays, poetry, and skits. As a resident of Milwaukee Wisconsin for most of my life, I am excited to share my gifts on a more broader scale. I am a Special Education Resource teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools. Although, I love being a teacher to students with Special needs, my passion is creating stories and seeing it played out on the stage or big screen. I have written over 12 plays and have had two of them Copyright. I am a graduate of Education from Lakeland College, and hold a Master of Science in Special Education; currently working towards obtaining a Masters in Administration Leadership. As an educator, I’m often creating scenarios to help my struggling learners to comprehend material that is challenging for those that struggle with comprehension. I am an active member of my non-profit organization, “Colette Allen Entertainment,” and work diligently with at-risk youth that may be interested in theater. As a person that loves creating stories, I desire to take my talents to a bigger arena where I can share it with the world.

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Writer Statement

Writing matter to me because it allows me to create, an atmosphere that is safe for people to experience, engage and allow themselves to be free. I write because I enjoy creating stories that people are afraid to talk about. I write because it gives a voice to those who find it challenging to share. I put a lot of effort into my writings because it allows other to feel my passion through my writings and can make emotional connections. What I am trying to convey to my readers, is that we all have stories to tell, some good some not so good, but overall, we all can relate in many ways.
I became a writer out of pain. I had gone through a childhood of neglect and abuse and I wasn’t able to share my story. I took to writing because I could create characters and tell my stories through them. I found that writing was therapeutic for me, and I began to write more and more. My writings aren’t all sad or depressing, most of my writings speaks to the hidden hurts as well as the laughter that can change the heart of even the meanest person.
My desire is to one day leave a legacy that other would be able to follow. One that those that knew me understood my passion and my desire to change the world through my stories. I would hope that the stories that I’ve shared would change the world in a way that people would value and respect those that take a storyline and create a world where people are free to express themselves without judgement. I hope that one day the world would see that life is far more exciting when you take a bad situation and pull something great out of it.