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Chocolate jewels: A Christmas Show

Chocolate Jewels
The Christmas show
Written by Danielle Hobbs
“Big” meets “Friday” and “Fame”

What is it like to put together a children’s show for the holidays? Well let Eboni James show you. Let us take you on a comedy ride for the whole family to enjoy. Eight weeks in Chocolate City, Washington DC, Eboni lets her god mom Pauline lead her into moving this production from embryonic stages into a spectacular event for the holidays.
“The Chocolate Jewels” production is glorious every year. Children groomed in dance classes and plain community program kids come together every winter for this event. It’s such a magical event for children, maybe because of what goes on back stage. The cutest children of all time learning the routines. Choreographers have jealous fits about Eboni’s pleasantness during the course of action. Queen gay boys show off their dance style claiming that rehearsal is a waste of their time. The Stage moms fight over their children being the better dancer, and not to mention bring their family business into the studio. Of course there is some eye candy to distract the role model, big, sister Eboni off her job.
Eboni learns that it is harder then she thought to put together a show, and no matter what she can never put her guard down for everyone seems to be scheming for something. Not to mention you don’t want to offend the wrong person. Through it all the show must go on! And when it’s all said in done the masks of a perfect family owning a dance studio come down when the production looks only glorious on stage and not in the ticket booth. This comedy lets out the tension of family feuds, quick lips getting smacked, and of course the ghetto fabulous comes out on a full moon. You might think it’s another Friday. Oh yes, “The Chocolate Jewels” is a successful on stage, while behind the scenes will make you say its chocolate nuts!!!!!!!
Let the show begin! It’s all for the kids!!!! The Chocolate Jewels!!!!!

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Writer Biography

DANIELLE HOBBS, AKA DANIELLA, has always been a Storyteller, Powerhouse performer. Beginning as an Impeccable dancer performer, turned actress, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and writer; she even graduated with a B.A. in Dance from CSU Long Beach at the age of 19. Growing up, in the arts Danielle garnered prestigious scholarship awards such as, the National Gold Medalist of NAACP ACTSO Awards and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion’s Spotlight Award.

Danielle's performance history lists only TOP the Acts: Cirque Du Soleil's Michael Jackson "IMMORTAL" World Tour, Beyonce, Shakira, Will Smith, Mariah Carey, WyClef, and Usher to name a few. However, in REAL LIFE, she's a been coined as, "THE REAL DEAL," for she truly aspires to model her career in the likes of her role models whom are all Renaissance Legendary woman. Dr. Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Ruby Dee, Debbie Allen, and of course Josephine Baker are all entertaining women who have also garnered their true personal wealth of excellence when working on their Humanitarian and Philanthropic endeavors, whether in Education, and Beyond!

Adventures she has had as a choreographer include many soulful venues, such as, Opening the 2006 World Music Awards, where Beyonce’ gave MJ his "ARTIST OF THE MILLENNIUM" Award for the "THRILLER" album being the highest album sold ever, 2009 WYNN/ENCORE Vegas performance Beyonce' "I AM..YOURS", and other world tours. She has landed lead roles as AIDA, in Elton John and Tim Rice's "AIDA," and Brenda, from "Smokey Joe's Cafe." Her first Electronica/dance genre music project, "DANIELLA," and can still be purchased on iTunes through production company Digitalpr. Her first Electronica/dance genre music project, "DANIELLA," and can still be purchased on iTunes through production company Digitalpr, and was played at Disney California Adventure during her time working on the project, "ElecTRONica."

Currently, Danielle finished up getting her MA in Education at Grand Canyon University, and while working on her “Dream it! Do it! Danigirl!” books, and Merchandise line made to serve and motivate Global Literacy and empower the Youth to Dream it! Do it! Danigirl! And Believe in themselves.

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I hope you Enjoy my works: here is link to my Children's book: "Swimming Over Castles," which also is a Children's Short Musical:
and any collars on writing just email:
"Swimming over castles," By Danielle Hobbs