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Professor When and His T.O.A.S.T.E.R.

Professor When (an Inventor who is afflicted with 'extrapolated elocution' and a fetish for acronyms and dual-purpose utensils) is visited by two not-so-bright teenagers who trigger events that accidentally send them all back in time ...and history is in serious trouble.

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Writer Biography

Wayne Jarman is an Australian Author, Actor and Artist.

Wayne has always enjoyed writing but didn't begin in earnest until 1988 when he began writing his Fantasy novel: To the Honour of the Kings. He persevered with trying to find that elusive 'spare time for creative stuff', even during the twenty (plus) years of running his own Company. Now mostly retired, and with Lindi's on-going support, he plans to complete his works-in-progress and develop more books and screenplays.

His creative interests also include Art (mainly painting in Oils and with Encaustic Wax), Photography (Still and Video) and Acting (Stage and Screen).

Wayne has a Page on Facebook:

Sample Chapters of Wayne's books can be found on his website:

(Thank you for your interest! - Wayne.)

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Writer Statement

As a child (before life got really busy), I remember reading many books of varying genres. As a 'mature' writer, I maintain those expanded borders.

My current works-in-progress cover comedy, fantasy and historical themes.

Similarly, what I tend to watch on the screen is varied. However, comedy is always up there. If I am going to spend my time watching something, then I would prefer to be smiling (or laughing) in the process.

Professor When was originally written as a Radio Play. The aim was to create a mad-cap, “thinking man’s” comedy. The influences could be loosely ascribed to a mix of Monty Python, Doctor Who and The Goons. These were, after-all, the influences on my generation.

The additional aim in this mixture was to be as accurate (and educational) as possible on the time periods that we entered. The facts of the event are in there but you have to sift through the chaff.