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Director Biography

Kate Burgener is a visual artist and works currently on video art and digital touch-ups as well as on art in public spheres (e.g. BLUEhatching 2014 and GRAVELtracking 2015 in Berne). Her studio is in the PROGR, an artistic center and cultural hub in the heart of Berne. Her works have been shown in various exhibitions and international festivals. (e.g. Art Electronica Festival Linz A, Museumsquartier Wien, Museum of Art Interlaken, Centre PasquArt Bienne CH, City Galerie and project space Museum of Art Berne, BIDEODROMO Bilbao, ...)

Graduated 2005 as „ex. MAS of Cultural & Gender Studies in Art, Media, Design“ Zurich University of the Arts, 1997-99 Video Studies Ecole d'Arts Visuels Berne, 1988 Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Art Education University of the Art Lucerne.
Since 2006 part-time lecturer in Visual Arts & Art Education, University of Education Berne
2010-14 scolarship Art Commission of Berne: Art Studio of the City of Berne PROGR
2013 BART Prize
2016 artist residency Berlin and guest at the University of Art Berlin

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Director Statement

Initially my video work was more focused on shortfilms like "Bride, Bride & Bones" 2001 and on telling fictional stories in a satirically meaning, close to docu-soap productions. The video "beheaded hostage" 2005 was my first video that emphasizes the perception as well as the techniques of overlaps, bringing up different perspectives of perception and questioning also the medium itself. My videos became shorter, often conceived in loops. With regards to content one could say that I have moved more towards expressing emotions, exploring the hidden beneath the surface, being closer to myself and visualising atmospherically density. Upcoming pictures of the past are fragmental reconstructions of the brain’s memory achievement, similar to dreams and also to traumatic experience. Not only the overlapping but also the picture excerpt is based on the idea of fragments.
An other artwork called chic-o-mat, an interactive system for diversity research, shown at the „Ars Electronica Festival“ in 2007, was based on „Strangers to ourselves“ by the psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva and operated also with the methode of mixing images, playing with the idea of strangeness within the self. Collage or a kind of digital assemblage is a technique that fascinates me also in works like the picture serie chit-chats operating with fragments that already exist, organising and sampling them into new arrangements.
To find a balance between absence and presence I operate in my video works on the one side with my intuition and also with coincidence, on the other side I have a clear concept for example of the dramatury. It is a game with contradictions of space, time, speed, composition and video fragments. An other contradiction is the combination between a playful light heartedness and threat. The balance is very fragile and how to visualise deeper layers is often an emotional decision. I try to form this balance in a poetic approach. I edit the sound often with overlaps and with changing speed and sometimes directions. Sound recalls highly individual and emotional memories probably in a closer way and even less
censored as visual perception.