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The life and Legacy of Nelson Madiba Mandela

“…When a man has done what he conceived to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore why I will sleep for eternity”. (Nelson Mandela 1994)

This is a work of art that combines history, fiction, and Non-fiction to tell a story of a genius, a Hero, a Father, peace maker, and global Icon of our time.

In this dramatic episode, we encounter a protagonist (Nelson) whose beginnings and eventual demise to glory shaped African political thoughts and moral philosophy of our times. Nelson Mandela, who led South Africa from apartheid to democracy, was a humble, eloquent and inspirational figure who advocated peace, democracy and human rights.

Mr. Mandela's story is full of tragedy with an enduring comic relief that would take your breath away. Pondering on his upbringing, his young adult life, his involvement in political and revolutionary movement that helped stop Apartheid in South Africa, you will be moved to learn more about him; his arrest and imprisonment for 27 years, and eventual emancipation from grass to grace by becoming the first black president South African ever produced away from decades of white domination and rule is enigma to many who knows or came to know about him afterward.

-Hold you breath and find this play on screen and imaging how much you will be touched to change for the best; imagine millions of dollars resting on your shoulders as you make this movie, grab a coffee, drink some tea , laugh, smile, cry, and blossom in joy and happiness and become the man or woman of excellence as you go through daily struggles of life and existence!

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  • Student Best Poet/Writer Award, York University Canada
    March 28, 2009
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Writer Biography - stephen obinna Abara

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and HSE Consultant, Stephen Obinna Abara, is an Afro-American-Nigerian-Canadian Author of five books, and a Playwright, Novelist and poet resident in Toronto, Canada. His book of Inspired Poetry titled: “Anthology of African Poetry U.SA" (2012), is very inspiring and brilliant piece of work and can be found on Amazon, Barne and Nobles, Indigo Stores, Calgary public library, Toronto Public Library, Harriet Tubman centre for Migration York University, York University Libraries Toronto, and more than 30 online stores across the globe.

Mr. Abara’s newly published and captivating drama: ‘Ome Ihe jide of Afo’, is a drama looking to be staged in Calgary Alberta Canada this year, and has scripted into a movie by the Heart Menders Production in collaboration with Danny El Films. Currently published this month of July 2017 is his new play on Madiba Nelson Mandela- an enchanting, hilarious and exciting play of an African Icon in drama and verse titled: The legacy and life of an African Icon. A book that if scripted into movie will earn lots of award for company like Nollywood and expand vision for Nollywood film industry as well.

His forthcoming Novel is on the Prodigal Mother- an exhilarating, enchanting and inspirational novel of a prodigy who left his home land in Africa seeking for better life elsewhere in the West. A number of Articles concerning his works have appeared on more than 40 online Newspapers, print Media and other Media outlets around the globe.

Widely traveled across Europe, America and Africa, he has never stopped learning new things while reading and writing Poetry. An award winner of a Canadian Millennium scholarship fund, Stephen holds four bachelor’s degrees: Philosophy, Arts, International studies and Political Science from Urban University Rome, University of Port- Harcourt Nigeria, West Africa, and York University Canada.

Stephen who often wears an amiable, inviting and friendly facial expression is an adventurist, a Nigerian Merchant Navy Sub-Lieutenant and a talented and entertaining performer who is able to convey a powerful message with a great sense of humor!! He has performed spoken and Heard Poetry across Canada and Africa.

He is a member of Alberta Playwright Network; this is My City Organization Calgary serving the Homeless population, and Glendon African Foundation Toronto. Also, he was a two tenured Senate Member of York University Senate Chamber, Canada where he used this position to advance the academic needs and interest of 50, 000 students including students at Glendon campus.

Stephen's love of Poetry and writing has inspired his various collection and creation of a range of poems, fiction, and non-fiction and drama; He enjoys film acting, singing, writing music and playing musical instruments. His articles have appeared on numerous International Magazines and Newspapers across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

You can reach the author through his publishing company –Glomac Media publishers. Tel: +1-647-885-0464.


NB: The Bio of Author Abara is for purpose of Volunteering with the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival
October 19 -20, 2017. Contact Author and Life Coach. Tel: 1-647-885-0464.

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