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The main character in this story is “ISA’” but goes by many names throughout the history of mankind's time on earth. “ISA” image has been modified throughout years to present date. The truthful depiction of  “ISA”  of Nazareth in Israel,  is a tall black male, with curly wool hair, brown eyes and high cheek bones. The story of “ISA” journey, is to discover his inner self and his  purpose has him questioning his sanity and the people around him. “ISA” discovers more than himself on his journey unlocking truths and secrets and having to decide on what to do with this information . “ISA” guided footsteps, connections and words along his journey results in world changing events. This story takes place in the era before the popularity of  “Christ”. The story of ISA  takes us to different part in history revealing the Gods on earth.  

  • Victor J. Carter
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    Screenplay, Television Script, Other
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Writer Biography - Victor J. Carter

Raised in Dayton, Ohio

I just took on writing professionally four months ago to this date. As I continue you write, I want to continue to express myself freely without having to hold back. I write to educate as-well as entertain.

Living in Los Angeles, CA.

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"So let it be written, So let it be done."