Feel the Rain

Why's she wanna be here
Be near me
When I don't wanna be here myself
Why's it dark in this hall of echoes
It Echoes
Why'd she wanna look at a man that can't stand
Lookin' at himself
I wouldn't blame her if she let go
Man, I hope she doesn't let go

I can fell the rain
It's coming down again
And in the solitude of night
I can hear the wicked walking in

Keep that poison coming
I can't run again
This fight's gotta count for something
Cause I'm a wounded man
I'll give you all that's left of me
I hold my heart in my wounded hands
And when my life has left me
Let my soul loose in the wind

I can feel the rain
Its coming down again
And in the solitude of night
I can hear the wicked walking in

  • Johnny Vannz
  • Johnny Vannz
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  • Genres:
    Rock, country, folk, alternative, americana
  • Length:
    4 minutes 11 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    June 11, 2017
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Artist Biography

Johnny Vannz is a lifetime Songwriter that has lied beneath the surface, imprisoned by mental illness and a childhood that made him believe he wasn't worth the words he wrote. Through many years, books of trashed lyrics, and a lifetime of struggles, he has been able to fight his way out of the garbage with a guitar, a pad, and a pencil... and in his pockets you will find nothing but the stories of how he's survived it all, the pain he's endured, and everything in between. Johnny's ability to ignore the rules, in light of always making his own way, is the one bit of confidence he is bringing with him. With songs about love, the poor mans life, drugs and dreams; you're sure to find a lick that inspires you to relate to one, or many, of his breathtaking stories. Just search johnny Vannz on the internet (there's only one) and see how a guy from the trailer park can pick you up out of your seat and take you to another world.

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Artist Statement

My entire life revolves around telling stories. I voluntarily surrended my drivers license so I could slow down and examine the things I feel need explaining. Walk with me. Pay attention. I've got a lot of shit to tell you...