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The Dark Loop

A colourfully clad woman is kneeling next to her dead husband’s body and crying miserably. When she continues to wear a colourful saree, the society abuses her for it. They accuse her of breaking the social rules and for not being an obedient widow. They demand her to stop wearing bangles, bindi and colorful sarees as she is not allowed to look beautiful or happy. They force her to wear plain white sarees and to live, unadorned and sad, for a lifetime of misery and mourning. She realises that the society is binding her with rules and restrictions made for widows and struggles to fight against it all. But, unable to fight more, she succumbs to all their oppression and surrenders to the miserable life of a widow. Thus, she becomes, not only a part of the cruel society but also an oppressor herself and forces the same misery on other widows.

  • Swoyansu Satyapragyan Barik
  • Swoyansu Satyapragyan Barik
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Director Biography - Swoyansu Satyapragyan Barik

I am Swoyansu Satyapragyan Barik, pursuing Masters in Animation Film Design at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. I did Automobile Engineering in my bachelors. I love to express my emotion through my films and illustrations.

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