Don't Hide Your Madness

Amir, a love-smitten poet, who struggles to publish his Persian translating of Allen Ginsberg Poetry, ponders his next moves when it comes time to be drafted into the Iranian Military. There’s a part of Amir that wonders what a life of Military would look like, but on the whole, he’s certain that he’s not cut out to carry a gun. Instead, he’d love to venture to America and attend University alongside his one true love, a well-educated girl named Nima (Naima). In a slipstream narrative, Amir faces several paths to consider. In one life, he wants to escape the country into Pakistan to apply for immigration. In another, Amir wants to marry Nima and will stop at nothing to do so even if she doesn’t always return the sentiment. In another, he considers joining the Military to perform his service for his country despite the fact that he might lose Nima as her application has been accepted an American University. On each path rests a decision that he’ll have to make, one way or another.

  • Mehdi Javaherian
    The Provisional Death of Bees
  • Maryam Firuzi
    The Provisional Death of Bees
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    Divanegi-at ra Penhan Nakon
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  • Country of Origin:
    Iran, Islamic Republic of
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  • Khorshid Independent Film Festival, Best Experimental Film
    Best Experimental Film, Jury Award
  • Nahal Film Festival
    Jury Award
  • Woodangate International film festival
    Best Experimental Film
  • Binalood Film Festival
    Mashhad, Iran
    Best Experimental Film
  • Action on Film Festival
    United States
    Best Experimental Film
Writer Biography - Mehdi Javaherian , Maryam Firuzi

Mehdi Javaherian is a writer, translator, and an Independent filmmaker. He studied his B.A in Cinema at Art University in Tehran (2004) and his M.A in filmmaking from Asian Academy of Film and Television in India (2008). In the last decade, he has been working as a translator on a series of Hindu Sacred Scriptures into Persian, published by Markaz Publication; and also has been writing short scripts along with Directing, Producing, and Editing them.

Maryam Firuzi has just graduated from the Art University of Tehran (2015), studying B.A and M.A in Script-writing and Film Studies. Along with short films Like "The Provisional Death of Bees"(2015), and "Sheltering Sky" (2014), she has been practicing Fine Art photography professionally. Her latest solo exhibition, "Reading for Tehran Street- A Staged Photography Collection" was held in Saless Gallery, in Tehran, 20016.

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Writer Statement

“Don’t Hide Your Madness” is a screenplay about the same struggle to publish a Persian edition of Ginsberg’s poetry; and as his poems reflect the howling of a generation in America, I tried to find its resonance in the first generation after the Islamic Revelation in Iran. Despite the fact that many aspects of this story are driven by the authors’ experience, but it is not an autobiographical script based on real events; it is a disjointed story about a generation which is still defected by censorship, distracted with the idea of migration, and lost in the search for an Identity.
The writer-Directors believe “Don’t Hide Your Madness” is a dramatic story, not only about a young man who is inspired by the American Cultural Revolution in the sixties but a universal story which can appeal to any young generation around the world.