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One Minute To Prove Yourself

What happens when a jerk who plays god, and messes with the life of a desperate man? Will his lies anger the karma Gods? The duality of their lives in one minute will play out using a split screen technique that will answer all your questions and more.

  • Satvik Manepalli
  • Christina Estillore
    The Silence of The Clause, Ghost Hunters, Lame parents Commercial, The Balance play, Bound to her, Imogene the Storybook Queen, Her eyes, His love
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    Short Script
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    crime, drama
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Writer Biography - Satvik Manepalli, Christina Estillore

Starting out as a makeup artist in fashion and photography, I landed in the film industry 8 years later. Due to my daughter wanting to be an actress, I have had many experiences and met many amazing people. Working on Web series such as "Heart Song", to Features like "Bagman", I had the opportunity and watch others champion the way to becoming a producer/writer/director. Thankfully I have been blessed to have worked with so many dedicated and passionate people, that have selflessly donated their time to my projects like "Silence of the Clause" to "Lame Parents" Commercial and everything in between. Whether it was their belief in my projects, or they were just bored, I will be forever grateful to the people who have and continue to teach me everyday, cause I really know less than I know.

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Writer Statement

I enjoy writing, and as a visual thinker, I believe that helps me create and tell a story worth reading and watching.