When i cried, you didn't eve care
my heart died, as i was standing there...

i am giving up because it tears me down
and pulls me to the ground..
i am tired to put up a fake smile
pretending its alright, "yeah, i am fine",
is all i can say...

everything fades away
"will i be alive"
i have taken too much of your

i am like a stone, kicked around for fun.
no wonder i am so...
so... tired of surviving....

i have no more strength to believe
in who i really am
cause no one understands me...

everything fades away,
"will i be alive,
because i have taken too much of your betrayal"..

"time does not heal me,
it makes things worse"

you cant feel my pain... no one can,
its hidden deep in my soul.

"gone cold ?"... i am sorry,
but you made me this way..

broken.. shattered.. fallen,
and hit the floor with tears.
dreams fell apart with death notes on my bed..

don't feel pity or bad for me,
cause you can't repair what has been broken..

"i am just a human, not a machine to be played like toys for your games"....

everything fades away,
"will i survive,
cause i have taken to much of your
beautiful pretty lies....

To you with love
To you with love
fallen angel...

  • princy prince
  • princy prince
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    Lyrics Only
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    sad, broken, hurt, fallen
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    July 13, 2017
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  • western singing and song writing
    doha qata
    April 21, 2016
    first position in singing and song writing,
Artist Biography

i am 18 years old turning 19 this aug 26 2017.... i am a song writer and singer from the age 7.... i do love painting and cooking and writing songs and playing the piano and little bit of guitar....

i am also a story writer currently writing a book...

i mostly write only sad songs.. by now i have 40 songs of my own... i am a depressed, sad song writer cause life is very hard for me... i have been in depression for six long years and still am....
i hopw one day i can make my family proud in my song writing or singing cause we are going through a hard time as well....
my main dream is to start a band but i have no one with me...
one day i will be a singer, but i dont want fame or popularity i just want to help people who are depressed through my singing of happy songs....

i live in doha qatar, i am from india but born and brought up in doha... i love my country as always...

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Artist Statement

"life is not easy but be brave to face it"
- princy prince