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BRAINTERS is a game of unveiling, cultivating, and rewarding hidden ingenuity. Participants will solve a variety of brain games and puzzles in order to win reward money for themselves and a charity of their choice.

The purpose of this game show is to promote the use of brain exercises along with the intention to contribute to society. An hour of the prime-time show will consist of a variety of brain games, problem solving questions, and logic puzzles which will involve lateral, logical, and spatial thinking skills in the following categories-
Visual puzzles,
Mathematical problem solving,
Number puzzles,
Word puzzles,
Memory and speed tests,
Hands on puzzles,
Logic puzzles
Participants will not only enjoy the euphoric “Aha!” moments but will also win prizes at each level. Unlike with trivia or general knowledge questions, contestants will be challenged to win by using patience, persistence, and common sense to find answers within a time limit. The complexity of the problems and the challenge to solve them within a time limit will create a unique combination of pressure and exhilaration, which will also be shared by the viewers as they try to understand or solve the puzzles on their own. The game can be played and aired in 4 different formats mentioned in the treatment.

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Writer Biography

I am a high school Mathematics teacher with 12 years of teaching experience in international curricula in India and USA. I have taught AP Calculus and now currently teaching IB Math HL and SL curriculum. Currently, I am teaching in India in an international school and also promoted for the position of head of the department for the coming academic session.

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Writer Statement

Since my childhood, I have been enjoying brain games and puzzles and when I do these activities with my family or students I observe great interest, enthusiasm, and excitement in their participation. This led me to the idea of creating a game show. I started this as an extracurricular activity in my school and realized that it has the potential to go big on international TV.
Not only it is fun, but using this platform I also want to spread awareness for the importance of brain exercises for better mental health and development of overall thinking skills in the young and adults. I feel that there is great need of promoting the mental exercises to produce more innovative generations. Using this TV game show, I also want to spread more awareness about helping underprivileged so I have added a factor of social service to the format of this show.