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Inetwars Game Show

Based on the card game War two or more contestants compete for cash and prizes. It is as simple as the highest card wins. But war is never easy so there are three chest that a winner must select from called the Spoils of War. This is presented after .matching cards based upon War Rules. The ups and downs are if you're able to keep your spoils that can be stolen through a raid. because there can only be one winner.

  • Project Type:
    Animation, Television, Web / New Media
  • Runtime:
    21 minutes
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Statement

Hello, thank you for your time and allowing me to introduce myself to you. My name is Michael E. Wolfe, I am an Inventor, Writer and Creator. As a person with many caps I would like to speak with you about a game show I’ve created entitled INETWARS. If you know of the card game War, then you know how easy it is to play Inetwars with a few creative twisting events. Inetwars is a game show designed around sixty-three playing cards. There are three rounds. The first round is a head ups round where the capture cards are winning points to use in the next two rounds. The second round is where the players will show their opponent their card. Knowing what the other player’s card is each player must wager something before the host reveals who is the winner. The third round the players continue to wager but this time they will see their own card before wagering. If at any point a pair of cards match, an Inetwars must take place. The winner of the duel made up of three cards collects all the points. War is never fair and is represented in the SPOILS OF WAR. The Spoils of war are three chests presented to the winner that hold something GOOD, BAD and UGLY. Of course, you will always want to have the good chest when all three are opened. The player with the highest points win. If a player captures something after a duel then they will be allowed to keep it, thanks to the product placement I’m in need of help acquiring. The base format I’ve design offers room for several different avenues of residuals in promotional, materials, products and advertisements. Taking an old-school game and spicing it up to become Inetwars I need your help This is a vehicle that could last for decades. I have developed it as far as I possibly can. Which is why I could use a partnership in producing this game show idea and digital game. Inetwars has been copyrighted in the category of television, gaming and graphics since 2013. Since then I have been able to create a single player App. The Inetwars android App has allowed me the opportunity to showcase the concept and engage my target audience. Which went well and received warm welcoming by age between teens and older adults. There is a gap in why and how minority communities don’t engage with game shows. One is the complications of travel, time and knowledge of topics. Inetwars is based on simple math of where the top card wins the wars. And the winner has up to five shows to capture the title of Inetwars Top Card. This sets up more games against winners, losers, families, friends, employees and hopefully guest stars for charity. The concept of Inetwars is created for future endeavors. With the development of a multiplayer digital game comes the platform for an animated series, commercial characters for advertisement, apparel, residual income from App purchasing, films and internet. The future of gaming is available to match the design of Inetwars to make it one of the hottest battle adventure game due to the familiarity of War cards. I hope you find Inetwars interesting enough to join me to complete its creation. Sincerely Michael E. Wolfe Enterprises