As families suffer throughout the country with the opioid crisis the government is working on a top secret project to fix it. Elly a sweet girl from a small town in Maine who was abandoned by her mother wakes one morning to find her drug addict mother back . Elly runs away and travels to the big city and ends up robbed and injured in the streets . The top secret project Avert is put in to place by the and the facility is waiting with doctors and nurses who will be paid upon successfull completion. Elly is mistaken for an addict and abucted . The missing pile up.
A female doctor at the facility notices Elly is not like the others. Avert members must choose between moral or money. The doctor after witnessing many deaths and abuses helps Elly escape.
The facility is raided and the missing are found. A while after the escape Elly tells the story of abuses the addicts suffered . But the fact is that 100 % of the addicts who reached Level 2 remain clean today.

  • Helena Brenna
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Writer - Helena Brenna