B&B If These Walls Could Talk

B&B - “If These Walls Could Talk” -Logline: “Where Charming Meets Chaos A British inspired weekly 1/2 hour dramedy, filled with provocative themes, laughter, mayhem and chaos. B&B pulls in the audience by experiencing life through the eyes of the inn-keeper Lucy Ferrar. She believes the only way we learn our lessons in life are through adversities. Each week a new cast of characters arrive at the Chateaux La Vie and that’s when the fun begins. The scenarios are limitless and will speak to all audiences.

  • Diana Hanzel
  • Michael Slowik
  • Diana Hanzel
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    United States
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Director Biography - Diana Hanzel

“Diana Lucia Meynart born in Chicago to parents Victor Mejnartowicz who immigrated from St. Petersburg, Russia in 1947 to New York, and her mother, Bernadette Christine Szeliga who immigrated from Lourdes, France to the US in 1957.

Her father Victor performed with an opera ensemble and was a soloist as a Bohaterski/ Heroic Tenor in Germany, New York, and Chicago. During the Warsaw uprising. Victor fought bravely against Russian and German forces. As a member of the Polish Underground Army he helped many reach freedom and escape Nazi atrocities. Later in his life, he worked for Halliburton as a design engineer in the nuclear power field.

Victor always found through life's adversities one must always smile and persevere. Her mother, Bernadette, was the matriarch of the family and believes nothing is impossible! This being an integral part of her life and her parental influence, has shaped Diana to follow her dreams.

Some of Diana's comical and musical inspirations include The Three Stooges, Jerry Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, Mozart, Beethoven, ELO, The Beatles, and Jon Anderson of Yes.

From a very early age, she had a strong desire to make her family and friends and even strangers laugh. Throughout her schooling career she immersed herself in creative writing, drama and choir. Her idealistic views in life are charming as she believes and feels that we truly can achieve peace on earth if we only learn to laugh at one another and laugh together. “Laughing crosses over every International barrier.”

The twists and turns of Diana’s life led her in the direction of advertising, production and marketing. She also has done local commercial script writing as well as voice overs. Diana continues to build relationships and believes that focus and humor are the key to her success. She will always retain the desire to help people see through the eyes of humor and kindness. Her philanthropic personality has also led her to become a partner and CEO of 3DMammogram.org, a much needed avenue for women to search and to utilize the latest technology in the prevention of breast cancer. With the various projects working full force, this one is very important to her and Diana’s mantra prevails: “Lead the way! Prevention today!

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Never Give up!