Blood of The Haunted Wolfe

In a dystopian and divided post-Brexit North of Ireland, a desperate father and husband, David "Wolfe" Hentre, is driven across the violent rural landscape, pursued by a collective of bloodthirsty and sociopathic red-coated Huntsmen on horseback, spurred on only by his love and a desire to be reunited with his family on the other side of the Irish border.

  • Pearce Cullen
    Soundscape (TV Series, 2016)
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Writer Biography - Pearce Cullen

Pearce Cullen is an aspiring freelance producer and screenwriter from Northern Ireland, currently based in Edinburgh while studying for a Masters in Screenwriting at the Screen Academy Scotland. His previous work includes writing, producing and directing the 10x24" factual series, Soundscape, which explores the music scene in Northern Ireland as well as two 20" short films, including the horror/thriller, Nutcracker, and the dark alternative musical, Entertainment.

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Writer Statement

BLOOD OF THE HAUNTED WOLFE is a distinctly Irish, epic odyssey set a not-too-distant Ireland in which the ramifications of Brexit have begun to play out in Northern Ireland, with disastrous consequences.

The story is firstly inspired by current political discussion surrounding the possible reintroduction of fox hunting in the UK, a practice which still remains legal and commonplace in some Northern Irish rural circles. This story aims to take this idea to its final barbaric and logical conclusion in a world where the scope of this blood-sport has been extended to targeting people, as a way of dealing with over-population and certain 'undesirables' in Northern Irish society.

Set in a world not so unimaginable, the story will seek to explore possible ramifications of ‘Brexit’ for people living in a time and place neglected for decades by a complacent, arrogant and unsympathetic Westminster elite.