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The Irony of Odds

A middle-aged divorced man has a chance encounter with a woman twenty years younger at Macy's. Despite being wary of any new relationships he finds himself instantly attracted to this woman, feeling in synch like biorhythms or Venus aligning Mars. They share similar interests and an unwittingly strong common bond. Unbeknownst to either of them she is the daughter of his first love “the one that got away" from his college days and fathered by another man, a boy rival from his fraternity days. After a few months of dating the weekend home to meet the parents becomes a moment of truth and reckoning for all involved as the players, mother, daughter, father and lover sort through their varied and ever-changing emotions. The movie begs the question is love genetically programmed? Are we predisposed to fall in love with certain people? The Irony of Odds.

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    Romance, Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Family, Dating
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    United States
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