A Rear View

When it came to chances I lost too many, and it hurt because I didn't want to lose any
too much pride and not a clear mind, wanted some love someone to trust mine
no idea what was waiting, hate, and Why’d I do that? Incessant questions
the years of depression, fear, and aggression dealing with messes feeling the stress of
how holding it in could lead to your death and speaking of flesh the thoughts I kept in
kept me in bed everyday I slept in wishing for a semblance of redemption
it felt like I died and if I cried it never subsided all the lost time
was it just in my mind had I lost mine, tore things straight down had a breakdown

I've been dragging my shoes carrying blues wary to do what I have to do
so leave the excuse the stars have aligned and started shine now is the time
(uncloud the mind)

I took apart the stark vacant dark of my aching heart to make fresh starts
searched quick like a place to park, wanted space to spark a light make my marks
so I chased and tried to pass up, like if I went faster I could go backwards
cut some corners as I went forwards, we can’t make up and can’t reverse
just rehearse for the next chance that might not come I was so young
and calm and passive now all that’s passed and I don’t know what you call this passion
sometimes sick not at all attractive, or it’s something we all imagine
or maybe I’m alone in this ownership, with a bone to pick with earlier times
have to earn that pride with the courage inside, have to cut down that time when I asked why
not get bogged down by my past time, I don’t have means to let time pass by
life goes on whether right or wrong, it might be fast or might go long
jump into like a fight go strong, it might work life hurts so find thirst and move on

Eyes on the prize and the fire inside, what happens when passion and pride collide
a diatribe five times cyanide, don’t lie got to find that kind of time
to pine over needles that grind the line, tell your demons inside it’s their time to die
once in a lifetime stars align, so you can map your course in the darkest night
if you lack a torch use the fire inside, we all die facts you cannot deny
inspired by spires to reach up higher, perspire today for what I want tomorrow
built on the ruins of what went wrong, conduct to construct from the soul
serious you can tell from the tone, raise skyscrapers on piles of bones

hear me, yeah I hear you, put the pain from the past in the rear view
there's too many pot holes to steer through, need to have the help of a clear view
in a clean windshield to peer through, just to decide which course is best
got to drive forward towards success, and forget past regrets

this one’s for all the times that you lost love, toss one back if you know what it cost you
this one’s for all the doors that closed, and those who thought that they lost their souls
this one’s for any years of regret, the hard work's blood with the tears and the sweat

  • Jeanre
  • Tommy Hobbes
  • Brian Gadomski
  • The Nocturnill
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  • Project Type:
  • Genres:
    Hip Hop Rap
  • Length:
    4 minutes 23 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    December 20, 2016
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • Student Project:
Artist Biography

Tom Hobbes was Born and raised in New Jersey and moved to the north suburbs of Chicago as a teenager. He began freestyling at 16 and was a regular guest on the local radio show, "The Daedalus Project." He recorded his first album with the group Trifecta in 2003 (Puddles of Problems, unreleased). He attended college in Baltimore, using radio station facilities to record and performed with various groups, including opening for a "Toots & the Maytals" show in 2005. He moved to Chicago in 2006, recorded additional tracks and compiled an anthology titled Thomas Hobbes & Associates in 2008 (unreleased). He co-wrote and recorded a full length LP "Frequency Mosaic"(2010) as "The NocturnILL." Most recently he co-wrote and recorded his second full length LP, "(Y)our Voice(s)"(2016) as "The Nocturnill." Ask around, he has some of the most ridiculous freestyles you’ve ever heard in your life…

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