Doing Time in a Bottle

Sam Winchester’s a daring archaeologist in 1904 Morocco whose gruff manner crushes the feelings of young Elizabeth. When she finds a bottle and releases the Genie inside, she’s granted one wish. The Genie, not anxious to return to the bottle, suggests that Sam be punished for breaking her heart. In the heat of the moment, Elizabeth makes the wish, and Sam is imprisoned in the bottle, while the Genie is free to pursue his lifelong desires: food, fun, and women. Sam can only be freed from his sentence when he grants one person a wish that brings true happiness. Over the next 100 years, the bottle is uncorked a handful of times. Each time, the wisher thoughtlessly wishes for something that doesn’t bring true happiness, and Sam is sent back to his prison.

Finally, modern day archaeologist Lisa Bradshaw finds the bottle. Through a stroke of luck, Lisa doesn’t witnesses Sam emerge from the bottle, giving him an opportunity to get out of his genie attire and pass himself off as a regular guy. One of Sam’s biggest challenges is adapting to the high-tech world of the twenty-first century so Lisa doesn’t think he’s a lunatic asylum escapee. The scheming Genie will do anything to get Lisa to make a thoughtless wish, thus sending Sam back to his prison. Sam is desperate to find out what would make Lisa truly happy and in the process, falls in love. Lisa thinks they’re both crazy until she discovers the truth, but just as Sam’s time runs out and she must make the one wish that could free Sam, an earthquake traps a member of the dig and Lisa wishes for him to be saved from certain doom.

Though Lisa’s wish is noble, it doesn’t bring her true happiness. Sam goes back to the bottle but this time the Genie gives him the answer to his question: love is the only path to true happiness -- the one wish Sam has no power to grant. Since the Genie has been free for 100 years, he’s released from the curse that imprisoned him in the bottle over 2000 years ago, when he, too, was a mortal man. In the clue that Genie leaves him, Sam discovers one more chance at freedom might be possible, if Lisa truly loves him and is willing to perform a courageous deed to prove it. Sam negotiates a deal with a fortune teller who finds the bottle to take him back to Morocco. Once there, Lisa declares her love for Sam, but Sam must risk his life and Lisa must overcome her fear to save him before he can be freed from the bottle forever.

  • Gina Cresse
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    romance, fantasy
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Gina Cresse

Gina Cresse is a mystery writer who has authored the Devonie Lace Mystery Series, published by Avalon Books in New York.
• A Deadly Change of Course – Plan B
• A Deadly Bargain – Plan C
• A Deadly Change of Heart
• A Deadly Change of Power
• A Deadly Change of Luck

She has also self-published the following mysteries:
• Sinfandel -- a wine murder mystery set in California’s Central Valley.
• Colton P.I.—Second Unit -- features a stuntman/private eye.

She holds a Certificate in Feature Film Screenwriting from UCLA and has written the following screenplays:

• Plan B
o Based on her first novel, A Deadly Change of Course – Plan B
o Quarter-finalist in Scriptapalooza’s contest and also received a “Consider” from their coverage service

• Doing Time in a Bottle
o Top 10 finalist in the Feeding Frenzy contest
o Quarter finalist in ScreenCraft Family Friendly contest

• The Mona Lisa Caper
o Vitruvian Award Winner - DaVinci Film Festival
o Winner of the Scriptwriter’s Network HOP contest
o Finalist in the UCLA Extension Screenplay Competition
o Finalist in the Feeding Frenzy contest
o Semi-finalist in Story Pros Screenwriting contest

• Sinfandel - Adapted from mystery novel Sinfandel
o 1st Place Winner – Feature Screenplay – Hollywood Int'l Moving Pictures Film Festival

• Fixer Upper Christmas
o Agent Barry Perelman submitted synopsis to Hallmark

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