Man vs. The Toilet

A happily married man must juggle between work and family while, facing off his secret imagery friend, Mr. Toilet. A foul mouth CGI character who prevents the married man from using the bathroom.

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Writer - Jacob Rubinstein
Writer Statement

My Director’s vision:

Hello, my name is Jacob Rubinstein.

You know the old saying goes: “I've always wanted to make movies”, so why should I be any different? I am not any different from other filmmakers. I believe that my personal projects give a new fresh look like many other directors have done in the past including Tim Burton, James Cameron, and Paul Verhoeven.

I have written a comedy script called Man Vs the Toilet. It’s about a Happily married man who must juggle work and family while facing off against an imaginary friend named Mr. Toilet; a foul-mouthed CGI character that makes life miserable for the married man, and prevents him from using the bathroom.

It would be a bit of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles meets Father of the Bride and a dash of Ted. The film is a bright, funny movie with a Cinematic look of DP John Linley from You Got Mail, and Field of Dreams.

My other project centers around a female superhero that must protect the first elected woman President from her enemies. It’s Superman meets Basic Instinct and a dash of Robocop.

The look of the film would be bright and inspiring like Superman The Movie and In the Line of Fire with the photographic look of Geoffrey Unsworth and John Bailey.

I wrote two scripts with a decent budget for CGI scenes. In fact, Mr. Toilet is in the movie for only 20 minutes. It’s very limited for budget reasons and tells a great story.

I need to start at the bottom, before I make a movie. I have written a 10 minute short based on the Man vs. the Toilet story without the CGI character. Other directors started small and then got bigger. It’s the only way that it can work. I hope that I can film in New Zealand.

American Jen Betham-Lang, is an author and publisher as well as film school graduate with previous short film experience. She will be my partner on my short story. She is lives in New Zealand.

If these two films are successful I hope to go on to make other great films to entertain the world.

H. Jen Cohen
305 Evans Bay Pde,
Hataitai 6021 Wellington NZ

Jacob Rubinstein
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