Mona Lisa Caper

Casablanca, 1914. Seasoned journalist Karl Decker crosses paths with an old acquaintance, Eduardo de Valfierno, the epitome of charming con-men, and though Decker doesn’t approve of his occupation, he can never resist a chat with the fascinating man.

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa has just been returned to the Lourve after being missing for two years. Valfierno claims responsibility for the theft and explains why and how he did it. He didn’t take the painting to possess it, but as part of a grander scheme to sell forgeries to wealthy saps. The only way to convince his prey that they’d indeed gotten the real painting was to make the real one disappear. At first, Decker isn’t inclined to believe the story, since the man in custody, Vincenzo Perugia, claims to have masterminded the theft all on his own. But Valfierno can’t allow the history books to exclude his name from the details, even if there’s a risk Decker may report him to the authorities. His ego won’t allow it. By the end of the story, Decker is convinced that Valfierno is the true thief, but keeps his promise to hold the story of a lifetime until after Valfierno’s death.

The big question raised at the end is whether the Mona Lisa that was returned to the Louvre after being missing for two years is the Da Vinci original… or just a masterful copy.

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    period, crime drama
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Writer Biography - Gina Cresse

Gina Cresse is a mystery writer who has authored the Devonie Lace Mystery Series, published by Avalon Books in New York.
• A Deadly Change of Course – Plan B
• A Deadly Bargain – Plan C
• A Deadly Change of Heart
• A Deadly Change of Power
• A Deadly Change of Luck

She has also self-published the following mysteries:
• Sinfandel -- a wine murder mystery set in California’s Central Valley.
• Colton P.I.—Second Unit -- features a stuntman/private eye.

She holds a Certificate in Feature Film Screenwriting from UCLA and has written the following screenplays:

• Plan B
o Based on her first novel, A Deadly Change of Course – Plan B
o Quarter-finalist in Scriptapalooza’s contest and also received a “Consider” from their coverage service

• Doing Time in a Bottle
o Top 10 finalist in the Feeding Frenzy contest
o Quarter finalist in ScreenCraft Family Friendly contest

• The Mona Lisa Caper
o Vitruvian Award Winner - DaVinci Film Festival
o Winner of the Scriptwriter’s Network HOP contest
o Finalist in the UCLA Extension Screenplay Competition
o Finalist in the Feeding Frenzy contest
o Semi-finalist in Story Pros Screenwriting contest

• Sinfandel - Adapted from mystery novel Sinfandel
o 1st Place Winner – Feature Screenplay – Hollywood Int'l Moving Pictures Film Festival

• Fixer Upper Christmas
o Agent Barry Perelman submitted synopsis to Hallmark

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