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Alpha Century

When retired � Elite Fighter�, Cain, completes his final mission on Earth, he plans to make things right with his daughter, Lucy, by entering the �Portal� to Turin, a planet similar to Earth, also inhabited by humans like us. But upon arriving to Turin with his good friends, Mark and William, Cain finds that Turin has been under attack.
Cain and his friends immediately trace the showers of destruction to Cain'�s old friend, Baros Veridos, driven by a need for violence and power. Baros has released a deadly, ancient power on the planet, intending to rid the weak and turn it into his own, solitary, oasis. Baros has taken Cain'�s daughter hostage to complete the final stages by resurrecting the ancient army known as The Thousand Sons, deep within a desert known as the Sands of Lost Time. With little time to fight a colossal force, Cain and his friends prepare a counter strike to stop Baros before he can destroy all existence on Turin and then move onto planet Earth.

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