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Unbreakable bond

On a day that was supposed to be a typical fun day at the park turned into the birth of a friendship that could never be broken. Young Latrice is sitting in the sandbox playing alone, while her parents Regina and Thomas sit on the bench watching her. Coming from the other end of the park is Young Antoine and his parents Tionna and Justin. As Young Antoine dashes to the swing set, he pauses looking back at Young Latrice playing alone. Walking back towards her, he introduces himself, and from there, the two begin playing.

The parents introduce themselves, explaining how they’re shocked to see their children playing with each other, considering both Young Antoine and Young Latrice are loners. Later that day, Young Antoine is sitting in his father’s truck playing his hand held game waiting for Justin to come out of the store. Justin comes out and following behind him is a prostitute handing him some money, before he gets in the truck with his son. Justin turns looking at Young Antoine explaining to him that not only is he a drug dealer, but he’s a pimp, with no respect for women. Young Antoine doesn’t respond as they pull off.

On the other side of town, Regina and Young Latrice are waiting in the car for Thomas to finish loading the groceries. When he gets in taking a seat, he pulls a flask out taking a sip, and then turns his attention to Regina, asking her “Who you been cheating on me with?” because he found some condoms in the house. Regina responds with “Maybe they’re yours, because you’re always out with other women.” Thomas quickly gets upset grabbing her by the throat, telling her to never excuse him of cheating, and he knows she’s tricking. Releasing her throat taking another sip, he turns looking at Young Latrice telling her “The same thing will happen to you, if I find out you’re a hoe.”

Years go by and Young Latrice continues seeing the abuse delivered from Thomas on Regina, and yet Regina still continues sleeping with other men on the side. While Young Antoine continues hearing the misleading words from his father, trying to make him degrade women like he does. But one fatal night completely changes both Young Antoine’s and Young Latrice life. Coming home bruised up from fighting one of Regina’s clients because he disrespected Young Latrice, Young Antoine sits at the kitchen table in pain. Tionna comes in asking what happened, and he goes to explain. Tionna is furious ready to go confront Regina, and then Justin comes in. She tells him what happened, and Justin brushes it off saying he’ll talk to Regina about it.

Tionna becomes confused, asking why would he see her on the weekend, and that’s when Justin informs her he’s been sleeping with her, gaining profits from her tricking. This causes a fight to break out, but Tionna was no match for Justin, causing Young Antoine to jump in, ending up getting beat up some more. Not willing to standby and watch his mother get abused, Young Antoine runs to his mother room grabbing her gun, coming back aiming it at Justin. Justin doesn’t take Young Antoine serious, telling him “Bitches shouldn’t play with guns.” And those wore his last words before Young Antoine shoots him dead. Tionna consoles Young Antoine, telling him he did what was needed, but now he has to leave, because she refuses to have her son live the rest of his life behind bars. On this same night, Latrice mother was found murdered, raped, cut up and beaten in an alley. This night changed the lives of Antoine and Latrice, leading him down a road of gangs and violence, and Latrice down a road of Prostitution, which Antoine tries his best to break her from, but no matter what, they remain friends with an unbreakable bond.

  • Bernard Mersier
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    United States
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Writer - Bernard Mersier