Jihadi Red Death

What happens when al-Qaeda and Iran form a partnership to develop and deliver an airborne hybrid virus that will kill 90% of the world’s population while leaving the Iranian population immune?
The story line relates to Islamic terrorism in the United States and worldwide and how a secret partnership between al-Qaeda and Iran is threatening the world's population with an ethnic cleansing hybrid virus. The hero is Mark Aldin (formerly Malius Nasir Al-Din) who was born in Syria as a Christian, but after his mother and sister were abducted by the Muslim Brotherhood, he moved as a twelve year old with his father and grandmother to the United States. After college, he became a U.S. Navy SEAL, then a Ph.D in Middle Eastern Literature and Language while at the same time working part-time as a CIA analyst. When Mark translates a secret al-Qaeda document, he discovers that Iran has developed a terrorizing airborne virus that if released would kill 90% of the world's population. However, the virus has a twist that will enable the Iranian population to survive.

Michelle Samaha the first Muslim-American to become an Assistant Director of a CIA department is Mark's handler and becomes embroiled in a desperate search for twelve Iranians who are delivering the virus to key cities throughout the world to guarantee a pandemic.

The duo race to discover the targets while at the same time trying to stop multiple coordinated al-Qaeda suicide attacks in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.

Mark discovers that a boyhood friend is the linchpin between al-Qaeda and Iran and because of his terrorist relationships, is the key to stopping this deadly virus attack. Mark uses their friendship to infiltrate a secret al-Qaeda facility in the wilds of Pakistan with the intention of killing the al-Qaeda leadership. As the countdown comes down to minutes, the CIA tries to intercept twelve Iranian agents carrying the virus based on Intel Mark risks his life to send.

Will the world come together to stop the Iranians? Can Mark make al-Qaeda pay? Find out if the Iranian virus sweeps the world and decimates the West. Jihadi Red Death is only a cough away...

This is the first suspense/thriller novel that features two Arab-Americans as heroes. One Christian, the other Muslim who work together to try to stop the most dangerous terrorism attack ever. The book was published June 1, 2017.

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