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belonging to untouchable god

Film is about a Dalit women named Ramkali Devi, borne to the inferior caste in Bihar (Musahars), in past she was a bonded labor to upper caste, having a history of deep atrocities in different forms to her and her entire community members. Generations after generation their entire lifecycle used to go in serving their master as bonded labor to get food and pennies of money which their masters (upper caste people) use to give them.
But today things have changed for Ramkali Devi and her entire community, they have costed many things to reach position, where they enjoy freedom from bonded labor and are living a life of
equality- they now are independent farmers and are no more dependent on the upper caste to live a life- all these unfolds in the story through events and instances created by and for them.

The story is constantly woven through journey of Ramkali and her community from today’s perspective to the past, which focuses on taking the story ahead through various storytelling tools.
A local NGO has played important role in this transition, but the boundaries of Ramkali Devi and her community members aren’t restricted to NGO, they are rather working on entire community upliftment.
We put story of Ramkali and her community, as a small example of as to how mere with small efforts even the grassroots of India is undergoing a process of change to give a glimpse of India shining.

  • anuj kumar
  • Public Service broadcasting trust
  • ramkali devi
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    Documentary, Short, Web / New Media
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    26 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    June 17, 2017
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    350,000 USD
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  • public service broadcasting trust
    Country: Indonesia
Director Biography - anuj kumar

Anuj kumar is a Filmmaker, an Srfti alumni and has been freelancing as a director and editor, using the audio visual medium he has done diverse work both on fiction and nonfiction, but his strong bent is contents related to grassroots and people unheard, he has also worked in as director/ editor in numerous promotional and commericals films, with clients/ channels from national to international repute.
Beauty, short film edited by him is a multiple awarded film, aham and Hul Sengel Aguwa and Married are few other recognized films done by him.

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Director Statement

through this film i wanted to show as to how in the grassroots of india people like ramkali (protagonist) are being a change maker to the society and how change is happening against all odds which use to exist earlier