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An Hour from Now

Televisions programs these days consist of several scenes compressed to fit a specific time period. Information is crammed and combined with chyrons and other information, making it difficult for viewers to focus.

My team and I started looking into this phenomenon and wondered if this method of delivering information to viewers is the result of pressure brought on by the nature of broadcasting. We wondered if this type of programming is simply a preconceived notion of what television programs must look like and whether it accurately reflects what viewers want. This is how this project began.

The most distinct feature of this program is that it shows an hour-long take of a scene, without any editing or cutting. This is an experimental broadcast that has not undergone additional processing. And while the broadcast uses both a gimbal camera and a helicam, not one scene from both cameras is edited out.

The program was filmed around the pristine, remote area of Bongwha, in South Korea. There is a canyon tour train that makes round trips from Buncheon Station to Cheolam Station twice a day. It features the real-time journey of the train starting at boarding time until it reaches its final stop. The first-person view of the camera introduces the spectacular scenery train passengers enjoy in real-time.

With this format, the program encourages self-reflection. Since people would see the same sceneries differently, viewers are free to interpret the scenes themselves. They can discover their own feelings and meanings.
The program aims at helping viewers find their own messages and reach their own epiphanies instead of receiving a pre-conceived perspective from the makers of the program.

This program is a completely new type of broadcast. There are neither narration nor interview or background music. Only the scene and sound for one hour of shooting are in the program. That's why the program does not have a script. So I attach subtitles instead of scripts. I ask for your understanding.

# Subtitles
1. This program is filmed for an hour with a one-long-take shot without a scene editing.

2. An Hour from Now (Program title)

3. Bonghwa-gun (County)

4. Buncheon Station

5. V-train
V-train is excursion trains that run along the canyons near Bonghwa area.
The crew’s commentary is announced continuously while the train is running.

6. Nagdong River

7. Wongok Village, at Bongwha County

8. Wongok Village, at Wolljin County

9. Yangwon Station
The smallest train station in South Korea that is built by local residence.

10. 28 minutes running time passed, 32minutes left to go

11. Seungboo Station.

12. 42 minutes running time passed, 18 minutes left to go.

13. Walking back where you were departed from. Slower way

14. An hour from now – The End

  • Jaeseob Hwang
  • Jiyoung Park
  • Jaeseob Hwang
  • Youngjun Kim
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    지금부터 1시간
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Experimental, Television, Other
  • Genres:
    Real time documentary
  • Runtime:
    1 hour
  • Completion Date:
    May 28, 2016
  • Country of Origin:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Country of Filming:
    Korea, Republic of
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    HD (Digital)
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Jaeseob Hwang

# TBC Producer&Director since 2004

# Prize

Aug.19, 2009
The best program of the month by Korea Communications Standards Commission www.kocsc.or.kr
-Programme Title: Korea in Korean (sub-title: Photo Docu-Talking about Female Marriage immigrants)

Feb.24, 2012
The best program of the month by Korea Communications Standards www.kocsc.or.kr
-Programme Title : TBC Special Documentary-Dokdo (Island), Standing in Court

Grand Prize by Korea Communications Commission www.kcc.go.kr
-Programme Title : TBC Special Documentary-Dokdo (Island), Standing in Court

April 18, 2012
Grand Prize by Korea Private Broadcasting Association
-Programme Title: TBC Special Documentary-Dokdo (Island), Standing in Court

Dec.11, 2012
Genuine Press Award by www.chammal.org
-Programme Title : PD Journal, FACT

“The Producer of the Month” by Korean Producers & Directors Association www.kdda.co
-Programme Title : White Devil_styrofoam

“The Producer of the Month” by Korean Producers & Directors Association www.kdda.co
-Programme Title : Space Documentary, inside

Jan. 2016
-Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Feature (ImpactDocu awards)
- Program title : White Devil

Jan. 2017
“The Producer of the Month” by Korean Producers & Directors Association www.kdda.co
-Program Title: Lifestyle concerts, The HUG of two men.

# About the station

Taegu Broadcasting Corporation (aka TBC) was founded in October, 1994 aimed at business broadcasting, providing cultural services, and advertising. It is a local terrestrial broadcasting corporation (Ch.19) that has a broadcasting range of Taegu and Kyeong Sang Buk Do province in S. Korea. It produces and transmits press, documentary, educational, entertainment, sports programs, and so on. In addition, it also provides services on FM radio and DMB.
Its headquarter is located in 201-9, Dusan-dong, Susung-gu, Taegu, S. Korea and it also has broadcasting centers in Seoul and Pohang. Moreover, it established a network cooperative relationship with SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) through broadcasting business agreements. According to the agreements, programs from SBS are transmitted during common time, and independent programs by TBC are on air in local time.

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Director Statement

I work for TBC as Producer and Director. I really love my job.
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