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FATE - It is what it is!

We come together for a reason, to learn a vital life lesson - whatever journey fate takes you on, it is what it is!

    Love- It's all around! Disconnected- Stay Connected! Me, you & Mish
    GROOMLESS BRIDE, Love- It's all around! Disconnected- Stay Connected!
    GROOMLESS BRIDE, Love- It's all around! Disconnected- Stay Connected!
    Key Cast
    NEIGHBOURS/GROOMLESS BRIDE, Love- It's all around! Disconnected- Stay Connected!
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    15 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    July 1, 2014
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  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
    October 19, 2013
  • 2015 Mykonos Biennale
    June 2015
  • 2015 Best Shorts Competition
    Los Angeles
    Award of Merit: Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis) WINNER- Award of Recognition: Rob Lobosco (Australia) FATE - It is what it is! Film Short
  • 2015 The Accolade Global Film Competition
    Los Angeles
    WINNER- Award of Merit: Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis) WINNER- Award of Merit: Rob Lobosco (Australia) FATE - It is what it is! Film Short
Director Biography - ROB LOBOSCO

Producer/Writer/Director/Actor/Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Rob Lobosco is Melbourne based and completed a Bachelor of Health Science - Traditional Chinese Medicine/Professional writing degree at Victoria University- Melbourne- in 1996. He also studied and completed 8 years at William Bates Academy of Performing Arts, and further studies at TAFTA- Melbourne, 2012 Bernard Hiller Master class- London- and 2013 Bernard Hiller Master class- Los Angeles.

Rob has had various roles in Australian TV (Halifax FP, Frontline, Blue Heelers and Neighbours-playing Doug Marshall and the infamous role of Tom Jones). He has had appearances in the films Amy, The Interview, The Zone and many short films.
He has written education plays, ‘Teen ISSUES,’ ‘Sexuale`’ ‘Live spark,’ and ‘Hidden Violence,’ which have toured to secondary colleges, educating youth about healthy lifestyles.
In 2007 Rob Lobosco was granted Screen Australia Development funding to write these education plays into a TV series, titled ‘The Valley.’

In 2011 Rob sought funding from private investors and funded/produced his feature film ‘Groomless Bride.’

In 2012 he released his series of three books titled, ‘Heal yourself with my learning’s. His romantic novel, “In love with love-not him,” was released on Valentines Day 2014. He wrote his Dramedy novel, “Tough Lessons,” during the world competition NaNoWriMo and launched this in December 2014.

Rob produced/wrote/directed/acted the comedy stage play called ‘Dress to Hide,’ (2010 International Comedy Festival) and in Feb/Mar 2012, the Italian stage play, ‘Due Paesi, Due Cuori.’ He also wrote ‘Due Paesi, Due Cuori,’ to a feature film that same year.

In 2011 Rob was also a judge for The 48 Hour Film Project Competition in Melbourne.

Rob wrote, produced, directed and plays two characters in his film based on identical twins Tony and Lewis, ‘FATE – It is what it is!’ It was a 2013 officially selected film at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival and 2015 offically selected film at the Mykonos Biennale Film Festival.
This film just received 4 awards from the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION and the THE ACCOLADE GLOBAL FILM COMPETITION
Rob Lobosco (Australia)
FATE - It is what it is!
Award of Merit: Actor: Leading (Rob Lobosco as Tony and Lewis)
Award of Recognition: Film Short

The second and third part of this trilogy, ‘LOVE- Its all Around!’ & ‘DISCONNECTED – Stay connected!’ and the feature 'FATE TO LOVE' are currently doing the world film festival circuit.

Rob wrote Kate Banks (renowned children’s author) book ‘Dillon Dillon,’ into a feature film and presented her with the screenplay in NYC during the 2013 NYC Independent Film Festival.
In August 2014, his two Romantic Comedy Thrillers, “No wed for the Wicked,” and “Bad Mirror,” were made.
Rob also completed writing the Spiritual feature film, “Eternal Heart,” inspired by a true story about his mother. This was submitted to the “2014 Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifting Screenplays,” on October 2014.
2015 saw him complete writing the feature film, ‘Lemuria,’ about the mythical world that sank. As well as the feature film, of his novel, ‘In love with Love – Not him!’

Rob is currently the Presenter of, ‘Healthy and juicy,’ health & wellbeing website.
He is currently the Writer/Health Expert/Presenter of the infomercials on the site - https://vimeo.com/133321417
He also wrote and created the latest commercial for, 'Healthy and Juicy' - https://vimeo.com/133964098

December 2015, Rob wrote, produced and directed his short film, 'Me, You & Mish.' He is also developing this to a 6 part sit-com.

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Director Statement

Fate-it is what it is! Is loosely based on a true story. And a story I felt I needed to develop further and tell in the way of a film.
I was sitting in Belgrade Serbia, Winter 2012, when I revisited this script which is 'Part 1' of a trilogy;
-Fate-it is what it is!
-Love-it's all around!
-Disconnected- stay connected!

It was cold and snowing and just the place to re-edit this trilogy. I was questioning whether I should make these films, with my mantra running through my head - over and over again- "Don't wait- create!" And so I did.
All of 2013 was spent making Fate (Mar 2013), Love (May/June 2013) and Disconnected (Dec 2013).

Fate is an interesting piece in that we see the yin and yang of the twins, Tony and Lewis.
We see how dependent they are to each other and how the dysfunction of these four characters actually is their "normal."
I wanted to show how dysfunction between a household of symbiotic beings can be normal. In bioscience symbiotic refers to any diverse organisms that live together, but in this case, the relationship is not necessarily beneficial to both. Parasites, for example, have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, but only the parasite benefits.
Relating this to disease (after all I am a Doctor of Chinese medicine and pathology and aetiology was my favourite subjects in bioscience)
I chose to play Tony with cancer. Actually, as the disease "cancer" itself, and I chose to play Lewis with a veil of sadness and depression.

The trilogy was written to create impact at the end of each part, with the loss of one of the characters.
In FATE, Lewis chooses the fate of his twin, and Tony dies. Thankfully Tony is set free of his failed suicide attempt.

These characters are all troubled but loved in some way by each other and the audience.
Even Tony is loved. By all of them. I wanted to show how his abusive and torturing ways were a shout out for help - but he could never ask for help!

The interesting thing that binds these characters is dysfunction - but above all, love.
Lots of underlying love, shown in peculiar ways. But it works for them or at least has so til now.
Part 2 is called LOVE-its all around!

The process from scripting, to editing, to workshopping, to rehearsing, to filming, was to keep it real - and think outside the normal lives and stereotypical relationships.
Dysfunction in life is what some are used to (or all that they know) and relationships and households exist around the world in all types of unions.
This union was partially expected - with the twins who could not live apart from each other. Tony needed Lewis to release his pent up frustrations and Lewis needed to be tortured and abused to ease his guilt of making his parents get on the train that killed them.
This union is partially unexpected as Anna and Paul choose this hostile and dysfunctional existence.

The main underlying messages in the writing process of this film is that we all choose our own fate, but sometimes people can choose it for us, and in some instances, no one chooses it- it just is what it is!

I enjoyed investigating the psychology, beings and souls of these characters.
One to make sense of the true events that occurred, two to seek a better understanding of human beings in these dysfunctional situations, three to write something real about an unreal situation and four to put to rest particular demons.
I worked through a process of remaining detached of my own personal abuse and delving deep into the psychology and souls of these four characters.
When it came to auditioning twins, it was tough as there were not many identical twins around. Also the problem was that not both twins were actors or one twin was keen and the other didn't want to do it!
So to make things easy I chose to play them myself.
At this time I drew on my own organic memories to come into play to bring out the true essence of these multi dimensional characters and not act the role, but be the role - and above all be "real!" And I would hope unreal! As these four characters truly are/were, fantastically unreal!

My plans are to rewrite these films and four symbiotic, amazing, individual, characters, Tony, Lewis, Anna and Paul, to a 90 minute feature film called "Fatal Love."
Rob Lobosco. 2015