The Ninth Commandment

A veteran Boston Private Detective with a profound sense of honor is assigned a child homicide case by a defense attorney through the district court’s system. He quickly discovers his investigation is not only steeped in judicial corruption, but riddled with deceptive information and deeply connected to one of the Boston organized crime families.

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    United States
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  • (CIFF) 2014 Charleston International Film Festival (The Ninth Commandment)
    Charleston, SC
Writer Biography

I am a Retired USAF Master Sergeant and Vietnam Veteran, a licensed Private Detective for over 25-years (retired), the published author of 7 novels and winner of numerous screenplay festivals. My writing is eclectic, and I enjoy developing stories from comedy to horror and everything in-between. Although I was born and raised in a small town north of Boston, I currently reside in San Antonio, Texas.
While in the military, I spent 14 years training Air Force basic recruits as a Drill Instructor (called T.I. in the Air Force) at Lackland AFB here in San Antonio, TX. My second novel, “TUFFY’S HEROES – revised edition”, was a humorous look at my training these basic recruits during the 1960s.

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Writer Statement

My screenplay – “The Ninth Commandment” – was a finalist at the 2014 Charleston International Film Festival. Since then I have spent several years rewriting the script which is based on a true story. I am retired military and spent over 25 years of my life as a licensed Massachusetts Private Detective (now retired) specializing in criminal defense cases. My screenplay is based on one of those cases, and this is the first festival I’ve entered my screenplay into since the 2014 Charleston Festival.
I was excited and encouraged when I noticed the title of this festival was “Crime/Mystery”. I immediately conducted another read of my script, made corrections, and entered the festival.