Time to Live

TIME TO LIVE" is the story of Marvin Humphrey who decides to commit suicide after series of disastrous event occurred in his life, from the loss of his only son, Marvin Jnr., culminating at the loss of his job. He was determined to die but gained life through death. The story speaks to the true essence of the worth of a man's life and clearly reveals what value God has placed on man who breathes with his life. After regaining life, he decided to share his story by writing a book and helping those in depression but in twist he confronted by the killer of his son seeking forgiveness. The journey to his redemption was obviously not completed until he was able to forgive the only person he never wants to see. The message is a clear message of hope to those who may be suffering from depression to help them get lifted out the deep dark valley and make a decision to live rather than committing suicide.

  • Rex Nwakamma
    - Dryness in the Brook - Hedge of Protection - Sunrise - Bloodline
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Writer Biography - Rex Nwakamma

Rex Nwakamma, A Christian Film Playwright , Director and Producer based in Katy Texas. Rex Nwakamma developed keen interest in screenwriting, filming and acting right from the age of 6 years. Over the years, he has grown to love and realize one of the most cherished dreams he ever had, Film Making. Not only does he love filming or being part of great Gospel, Faith and Family movies that recreates the value needed to build up a positive purpose and outlook for our society, he also is a preacher of the word of God and an accomplished entrepreneur, graduated with an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Houston, Victoria, TX.

He is a trained IT engineer and works as an IT consultant on several projects ranging from systems migrations, application development and Database management. He is a certified Cisco and Microsoft Engineer. He is also a trained and licensed Health care Practitioner with a MSN in Primary Care and Family Medicine.

He is the CEO of SageAlive Group, a consortium of several business service lines ranging from health care, financial, IT and Media consultancies. He is aptly versatile and maintains wide experience in corporate strategic management and consultancy.

He has a wide range of experience as a Media Consultant providing expert consultancy advice on media design and deployment platforms ranging from church and several organization media operations. He served as the Media Director of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, the King’s Palace Katy Texas and has been an active Media Training Facilitator at the Redeemer Learning Institute. During the COVID Pandemic, co-founded The International Kingdom Anchors Media Consulting corporation, a 501c3 organization providing support for virtual event hosting for several institutions and organization all over the world. He is the executive director of the Kingdom Anchors.

He is the President of Oracle of God Drama & Film Ministry & Oracle Films, an outreach extension and the Christian Drama & Film arm of The RCCG The King’s Palace, Katy Texas. Oracle Films has produced several full length movies, the first of which is “Dryness in the Brook”. Others – “Hedge of Protection”, "Sunrise", "Bloodline”, “Time to Live” and “Exemplary” and over 80 short movies which include movies made by the Youths and Children Members of Oracle of God Drama & Film Ministry. Partnering with other faith and family producing film organization and/or ministries, he has directed several other movies.

He is part of the members of National Association of Christian Film & Drama Ministers Network called NACEDRAM and currently serving in the board of trustees. He is an alumnus of Mount Zion Institute and currently an active member of Mount Zion Institute Association International Fellowship. He is currently the Film Festival Director of the prestigious MZIAIF International Christian Film Festival. He is passionate Drama & Film Missionary. He supports mission work, especially in the field of Drama & Film Ministry and embarks on physical mission every year. He has a passionate interest in Digital Mission and advocating for reaching out behind the traditional walls of mission barriers.

He is a co-founder of The Destiny Global Foundation with his wife, Lola Rex-Nwakamma. A foundation built in memory of their daughter who has gone to be with the lord focusing on giving access to knowledge and care to families and societies without adequate resources to manage complications stemming from congenital malformations, preventable fetal diseases, maternal issues and many more.

He is happily married to Lola Rex-Nwakamma and are blessed with four children ~ Divine, Dominion, Delight and David. He lives a quiet life in Katy, Texas.

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Writer Statement

Time to Live is a story that describes the gradual but definite struggle that comes with clinical depression mostly after a traumatic event. The effort of the story is to relay the essence of the power of God in helping those in depression from descending further into oblivion and darkness. It's an attempt to draw those in act depression and bring them further into the light of life.