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Best Show Ever

VIVIAN BRAND is in the process of giving two investigating detectives her recounting of events as a cast member of an award-winning TV drama series, fraught with real-life tragedy.

Vivian starts out as a young, aspiring actress with dreams of joining the cast of the hit television series, "Lavender Valley." She auditions for a temporary role, in a season-finale episode and after she nails the audition, she gets the role of a lifetime and her life instantly changes.

Vivian plans to go to a club with friends to celebrate her new job with the show, but she lost track of time and arrives late. Meanwhile, her best friend Melissa is wooed by rich stranger in the club's VIP section. Vivian arrives, then the rich stranger disappears suddenly but donates his section to Melissa and all of her friends. Vivian notices that while everyone else is drunk and having a good time, all of her drinks are watered down. She was about to lodge a complaint with management, when she receives a text from the producers welcoming her to the cast, and advising her to get a good night's rest. Almost simultaneously, the club music stops, house lights are up and everyone is being forced out. A mysterious guy outside the club volunteers his cab for her to take home. The club scene was peculiar to Vivian, but she disregarded it all.

On Vivian's last day at her regular day job as a bar waitress, she is given a farewell/best wishes party. Danny, a rugged co-worker, who shows a strong interest in Vivian, is turned down at work in front of others but ironically ends up being her sexual partner later that night, and apparently from previous nights.

Vivian's first day on set, she meets Tom, the Production Assistant assigned to her show. Tom takes her on a set tour, starting with security office. The security staff, consists of big, strong creepy guys all given code names of animals; two of whom work off-site as told by Tom. She is introduced to the head of security Mr. Lion who, after violating her privacy, gives her an access badge and a long list of overly strict rules, and policies. After the security briefing, Tom takes her to the catering services where oddly, the food selections are restricted and sectioned off by department. The acting talent are all on weight-restricting foods; only allowed to eat healthy, non-fat items. Their weight and food intake are being monitored, and recorded.

Vivian goes on to meet her colorful team of stylists for hair, wardrobe and make-up, who enlightens her on details of the show; details that hint of a darkness casting over the show's set. Vivian continues to ignore the warnings signs and gossip, too excited to be an employed actress on a hit show. After a solid performance on the finale episode, she is granted a recurring role, much to the dismay of her colleagues.

At the season wrap party, hardly anyone shows. No one is dancing or feeling festive. Vivian discovers that the low turn out is due to the one drink maximum imposed upon the guests by the producers. One of her glam squad members named Britain, who got drunk before the party, spills even more details and forms personal opinions about the show that are best left unsaid. Britain is abruptly interrupted by the show's director, who escorts Vivian to a more private area of the party, where she is introduced to the show's producers. The producers, two men and a woman who are complete sociopaths, frighten and intimidate Vivian, asking her a series of odd questions and treating her disrespectfully. Vivian becomes so frightened that she pledges her allegiance to the show, offering to transform herself and to become who they want her to be.

During a table read of the new season, Vivian becomes distraught when she learns that the episode's dialogue is exactly as her real-life personal experience, verbatim. Vivian realizes that she is under the watchful eye of the show, and that nothing is sacred. When she confronts one of the producers about it, she is offered, and accepts, a large sum of money for an executive producer's credit. The money is enough for Vivian to overlook the invasion of her private life, or so she thought. As the seasons pass, she starts to notice the actors engaging in what is referred to as “method acting,” but what is really self-torturing and defiling themselves to add authenticity to the show. In the effort to prove her personal commitment, she has intercourse with a colleague during the shooting of a love scene, at her own free will.

Britain, her glam squad member and the most vocal about the show's dark details, is killed in a freak accident. The death of her friend prompts her to find out more about the history of the show. She visits former cast member Jon Pierre, who was heinously tortured and dismembered, now living under hospice care in a private facility which she discovers the show is paying for. Without the will to live, without hands, eyes, a tongue or the ability to walk or talk, he gestures to Vivian, pleading with her to kill him.

Into the third season, the show takes a toll on her and frustrations begin to mount. When she reaches out to her best friend Melissa, she discovers Melissa was being paid by the show to spy on and influence her. Meanwhile, the star of the show suffers a career-ending injury after someone mysteriously replaces her shoes, with rigged shoes that originally belonged to Vivian. Tom the PA, is arrested for it and is placed under suspicion for all the incidents that have occurred.

Tom's arrest is what leads to Vivian's recounting with the investigating detectives. At the conclusion of the investigation, Vivian is met with reporters to whom she gives an interview; which is against the show's policy.

Later that night, Vivian is summoned by way of car service to meet with producers at a private restaurant. The driver of the car is off-site security member Mr. Snake, who turns out to be the rich stranger from the club who courted Melissa. During the drive, she is assaulted by Mr. Lion head of security so Vivian is under the impression that she is going to be fired, or likely worse, killed. It turns out that the producers were unorthodox and highly strict and only intended to fire Vivian for breaking policy. Although the producers' tactics were questionable, Vivian appears to have misunderstood their intentions. When she confronts the producers for the crimes they have committed, Danny, her former co-worker from the bar enters, revealing himself as Mr. Tiger the newest member of security; claiming full responsibility while dowsing everyone in gasoline. He appears to take Vivian hostage, until it is she who actually strikes the match that inflames the bodies of the producers and security staff, locking them inside the burning building killing everyone inside.

When the news report on television discusses the details of the fire, and announces the show's cancellation, the true killer, Vivian is revealed. Back in her apartment, Vivian kills Danny and calls in to the authorities, claiming he is responsible for the murders. A flashback sequence reveals Vivian placing a recording device into her pocket before last night's meeting, that holds Danny's full confession. The sequence reveals Vivian is a psychotic fan, who dismembered and tortured the former cast member Jon Pierre, who switched her faulty shoes with those of the star of the show, who dropped the hairdryer in Britain's tub, who masterminded the entire scheme. However, it is Tom, now being released from jail, who knows the truth about Vivian Brand.

  • Tia M. Myricks
    Arena's Forum, Best Show Ever, Return to Theelish, Three the Soft Way, The Maul, Barber Kings and Beauty Queens
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    Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Drama
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Writer Biography - Tia M. Myricks

Tia Myricks was born February 15, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, raised by her hardworking parents in Compton, California along with two brothers, and four sisters. Tia has been writing since the age of 14, with a host of writing projects under her belt to include novels, screenplays, songs, articles, essays and poems. Age at 18, she left the nest to attend San Jose State University, as well as Cal State Hayward University, Riverside Community College and Hinds Community College.

Tia Myricks currently resides in the beautiful state of Mississippi as a novelist, freelancer and screenwriter.

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"My goal, in everything I do, is to provide original, high quality work that stands out. I am an avid fan of movies, books and a self-proclaimed word artist who enjoys, well...almost everything, and I will never stop working."