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Rhythm of the Night, The Story of DeBarge

The DeBarge Family began their rise to fame at around the same time that the Jackson 5 had reached their own peak of fame, [along with many other problematic issues that surrounded the world wide success of Michael and his brothers]. So, with the prodding of Berry Gordy, a new group, DeBarge, seized the opportunity before them, never letting up as hit after hit introduced them to a world they had not previously known; and DeBarge soon became rich and famous, but only for a while, for, just as quickly as they had rocketed to the top, their predictable demise surfaced as a DeBarge family curse that would eventually destroy them, one by one. And, each one did succumb to every readily available drug needed to quiet the generational demons. Fame soon abandoned them as they each began to drift off into obscurity. Several decades have passed since DeBarge ruled the charts, but the genius of their music has not only survived, but continues to inspire even today's musicians. Although DeBarge had begun to attract global acclaim, they remained a musical phenomenon mainly because of the Black community, similar to New Edition, another group that had come from the depths of the ghetto which continues to sustain them. DeBarge achieved extraordinary success like groups before them; however, DeBarge was never able to escape the particular hell from which they had emerged.

  • Rosetta James
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    United States
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  • Urban Media Makers Film Festival, October 2009
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Best Screenplay, Rhythm of the Night
  • Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2010
    Atlanta, Georgia
    First Place [Shared] Best Screenplay, Rhythm of the Night
Writer Biography - Rosetta James

I taught English on the high school level for nearly 30 years in addition to my part-time duties as an Adjunct at Queensboro Community College here in New York City. I have had numerous items published such as a short story in Essence Magazine [1977], CliffsNotes on Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun and CliffsNotes on Morrison's Sula/The Bluest Eye. Years ago, I wrote theater reviews for local papers and edited a book of short stories for an educational publishing house. I also enjoy attending film festivals and writers' conferences.

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Because I have a Master's degree in Media Studies, I am transfixed by social media, in addition to watching way too much television. However, I do believe this has helped my writing.