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Jakob's Cove

Detective Victor Jameson is sent to Jakob's Cove, a sleepy seaside town at the tip of the Washington peninsula, to investigate a growing number of mysterious disappearances. When the sheriff turns up dead, torn limb from limb in the woods behind the cemetery, signs begin to point to the paranormal, and Jameson is set on a collision course with forces beyond our own world.

  • Travis Darkow
    Jakob's Cove (TV Pilot) How Did We Get Here? (TV Pilot) Elizabeth (Short Film) Synapse (Short Film) Servile(?) (Short Film) Caged (Short Film) Retail Therapy (Short Film)
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    Television Script, Other
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    Noir, Crime, Drama, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Suspense, gore, vampires, zombies, aliens, creatures, monsters, werewolves, demons, ghosts, thriller
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    United States
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  • Television Feedback Screenplay & Web Series Festival
    20 Carlton Street Toronto, Ontarion M5B 2H5 Canada
    February 28, 2018
    Official Selection: My screenplay was chosen to be performed live with professional actors
  • All Genre Screenplay Contest
    1714 N McCadden Place Hollywood Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States
    October 30, 2017
    The first draft of my screenplay was published and is available on Amazon as paperback and e-book's worldwide
  • Finish Line Script Competition

    June 4, 2018
    Official Selection
  • Olympus Film Festival Los Angeles
    3940 laurel canyon blvd PMB1562 Studio City, CA 91604
    January 22, 2019
    Official Selection
  • Creepy Tree Film Festival (CTFF)
    Salem, Oregon
    August 19, 2019
    Official Selection
  • Creepy Tree Film Festival (CTFF)
    Salem, Oregon
    August 31, 2019
    Creepy Tree Exemplar Award Winner - Best Horror Screenplay - Feature - Creepy New Series
  • Honor Film Festival

    August 17, 2020
    Award Winner - Best Dialogue
  • Oaxaca Pitchfest/FilmFest
    Oaxaca, Mexico
    January 26, 2021
Writer Biography - Travis Darkow

My name is Travis Darkow, I was born in Bremerton, Washington, where I currently live with my wife and our two dogs, Jax and Laika. I have had a passion for writing and creating since I was very young. I was always writing stories, usually about aliens or monsters, or making my own little comic books. As I got older I never stopped writing, all through school I took as many writing courses as I could and my passion only grew over the years. I enjoy all aspects of writing. I write poetry, I love writing and playing music, and have written fifty to a hundred original songs. I have about a dozen or so children's books that I have written as well. My greatest passion though is film. I absolutely fell in love with movies when I was a kid, and found that my absolute favorite thing in the world is writing and directing films. I've written, directed and edited around two dozen short films since the seventh grade, and in June 2019 I completed my first feature length horror/sci-fi film called Goodbye Tomorrow. I am currently writing and directing short and feature length original films, as well as developing an ever expanding list of original pilots and feature length screenplays that I have been hard at work writing. Crafting stories and creating whole new worlds that didn't exist before has always brought me much joy. It is truly my favorite thing in the world and I will never stop creating.

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Writer Statement

I envisioned Jakob's Cove as a dark detective-style noir mystery that quickly turns into a gritty supernatural horror/mystery show that ultimately culminates in horrific Lovecraftian fashion. I imagined it to be non-stop filler free, badass horror, mystery and suspense. Not shying away from showing the bloody violence and terror that plagues the town, but also not afraid to be fun with humor, albeit sometimes dark, peppered throughout, and always leaving the viewer craving the next episode. I wanted to share a little about the overall feel of the show and the three main characters to help get the vibe. Think of the show as a crazy hybrid of The X-Files and Supernatural, but with much more blood, and the soundtrack style of Stranger Things or It Follows, 80's synthesizer and all.

Our main character is Detective Victor Jameson. His overall look is that of a classic 1950's detective. Always sharply dressed in a suit with a long overcoat, his fedora pulled low over his eyes, and rarely without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Charley is a tall, tough blonde in her mid-twenties. She is sort of a tomboy, always ready to push up the sleeves of her flannel shirt and get her hands dirty. And then we have Elliot. The nerdy, awkward, hilarious loud mouth, who is the only one in the world who doesn't think that he's awkward. He is twelve or thirteen years old, has shaggy brown hair, and always has some obscure or weird little fact to share with Jameson and Charley. Jakob's Cove itself is a sleepy little seaside town, where it's always misty or raining, and has an overall unsettling feel. Some of the monsters and creatures that show up throughout the show are vampires, aliens, werewolves, zombies, demons, and a plethora of various urban legends. (A half man half alligator anyone?)

Series Overview:
We start with a detective looking into some seemingly run of the mill disappearances, but the oddities surrounding the cases begin to pile up as signs begin to point toward supernatural happenings rather than anything the seasoned detective has ever dealt with. I have worked out, just for my own sake, how far, and where the show could possibly go. I thought it would be really interesting to never specify what year this all takes place, and make it even more ambiguous and textured by showing cars, technology, and clothing from many different eras just to show how odd this little town is, and to hint that something isn't quite right.

Imagine watching this as a show and seeing a mix of old school and brand new cars driving around, but then spying in the background of a random house, an old looking TV, or spin-dial telephone. I think it would be a lot of fun for the viewer to watch for these little oddities peppered throughout the series, as well as having a purpose of hinting at something weird going on with time itself in this town.

I pictured the first season going in the direction of a nest of vampires that live in a manor near the cemetery as the reason for the disappearances. This in part, is correct. In season one, they even abduct and interrogate the head of the vampire household for information, in which he reveals that there is a coven of witches in the town known as The Order of the Blood Raven, who have made a pact with the vampires. The vampires make a few people here and there disappear, and get to keep all the blood from said abductees, as well as possibly the ability to walk in the sunlight. In exchange, the witches keep the souls from the taken persons. They offer them as a sacrifice to appease an inter-dimensional overlord into giving the witches control over a gateway hidden deep within an underground crypt below the Hastur Cemetery. This is hinted at in the pilot when Scarlett says in Latin, “From Sacrifice Comes Order.” Of course we don’t know at that time what that means exactly, but we will learn.

Of course we don't learn this until much later, but this gateway is basically purgatory or its equivalent in this universe. There are all of these tangent universes where all of these thought-to-be mythical creatures actually exist, and it's inside this gateway where they are all running free in chaos, chaos that the witches hope to control. Inside the gateway is pretty much a waiting room between these other realms where all manner of insane, bloodthirsty monsters tear each other apart, and every once in a while, some of them slip through into our world, or are summoned by the coven of witches.

During the interrogation with the vampire that the group abducts, Jameson is bitten, and Charley and Elliot must scramble to find a way to stop Jameson from becoming a blood sucker himself. Season one ends with Elliot being abducted by the vampires, and Jameson and Charley set out to find him.

We later meet a man who hunts these monsters, and is possibly even from one of these tangent universes. As he and Jameson cross paths, they begin to help each other to expel these threats and banish them back into the gateway. Once the hunter has become a beloved part of this little group of characters, he is killed. A while later in the show, Jameson somehow goes missing, and is thought to be dead as Charley and Elliot panic. Jameson wakes up in this purgatory-like state, stands up and is in the creepiest forest you can imagine, surrounded by all manner of crazy, bloodthirsty monsters just out of eye sight along the tree line watching him, and that season ends there. The hunter who was earlier killed and ended up here finds Jameson and the two of them fight back to back to get out alive, but the hunter knows that after death, there is no escape. He helps Jameson to get back to his world, all while redeeming himself for his past, and learning new secrets about these monsters and tangent realms. Jameson makes it back to Charley and Elliot, after what felt like was just a few days. They tell him they've been looking for him for over a year.

Just to be clear though, this is not meant to be a "vampire" show, that it just one of the many creatures that we deal with. They happen to be the first main threat because of how human-like and intelligent they are with their ability to blend in. Each season would focus on a particular monster: werewolves, zombies, get the idea. Or possibly multiple different threats all at once. Each season would deal with fighting each new threat as the witches let them through the rift to run amok, as well as advancing the overall story-arc of the witches lust for power.

As each creature was dealt with and expelled back into the void, the team would continue to uncover even more blood drenched mysteries surrounding this very odd little town. At one point, Charley ends up locked in an asylum at the hands of the witches. Surrounded by the other psychopathic patients, Jameson and Elliot must break her out. With the ragtag little team back together, they must go head to head with the witches and eventually, the overlord himself. They form a strong bond with each other, and as the dark past and secrets of Jakob's Cove unfold, they see and face nightmares like they have never imagined.