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This story takes place in the year 2079. In the future there are no flying cars and no robots. People in the world are born with a chip in their necks to save their memories, their past, their present, their future, everything. People can not take it out if they want to survive. They can not break the rules if they do not want to be controlled by the government. The main character is Alek Kale and her parents are dead. She never stayed more than 3 months in any foster home, they all said that she was crazy. But she does not feel crazy, she is just alive. Now she is 17 and for the last three years, she has lived with the Janson family-a nice family, nice secrets. They have not adopted Alek, they said that they were friends with her parents. Jeff Janson is a teacher in her high school, and Laure Janson is a doctor. They have one child, Ethan Janson, he is in a military school base. There is a military base in each country, each with their own secrets. After Ethan left the house, a series of murders and disappearances took place in her town. She saw her friends disappear and killed. She tried to figured out how and why. She found a list with ten names, ten resistance, one nightmare.

  • Anne Laure Kahlouche
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  • Anne Laure Kahlouche
Writer Biography - Anne Laure Kahlouche

My name is Anne Laure Kahlouche, I am a french student, I am in sophomore year. I speak English for a year now, and I have a deep passion for writing. I practice dance, sing, piano and act .

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I wrote an other script named Truthful Night.
This story is not finish, there are 11 episodes, and I am still working on it.