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Emilio's Diary

Emilio Santos wishes for a brother and when he stumbles across the an abused boy; he makes it a mission to save him. They both go onto a life journey.

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Writer Biography - Marco Gonzalez

Marco Gonzalez was born on April 10 1968, at the Tiwa Hospital in El Paso, Texas. His parents were Raquel Mercedes, who worked as a seamstress and Marco Gonzalez Senior, a carpet installer. His father was verbally abusive and often young Marco would escape into the world of story writing. He has an older brother, Ruben. The Gonzalez' were a typical family until one night, when Marco's father abandoned the family. Left with six months behind rent, no utilities and hardly any food to eat. Marco had to take the role of provider for the family at a young age. Raquel took the role of both mother and father to raise the kids. His mother battled arthritis and could not continue to work. Marco set his dreams aside to take care of his mother.
Marco's mother passed away in 2014 to organ failure. She always loved his stories and wanted nothing more than to follow his dream to become a filmmaker. In 2017, Marco finally began pursuing his dream as a filmmaker. He moved to Minnesota in 2013 with his two children Alan and Keana. He now focuses on writing and producing short films.

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Stories come from everywhere and at any time. Stories play like movies in my head, then traced on to paper.