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Star's Rising

Shay Walker has lived a life full of turmoil and abuse yet has managed to escape virtually unscathed from what was meant to break her. Drawing her strength from a series of invidual’s who intervened at pentacle crossroads in her journey. She was a survivor of child molestation by a member of the Clergy as well as her mother’s choice of a husband. She escapes with her brother from the unchecked abuse; only to find she must face a world of surmounting debt and responsibility providing for both herself and her brother.

Jonathan, a concerned neighbor takes interest in the neglected children taking particular interest in Shay whom he takes under his wing and shows her the ropes of Interstate Trafficking as an alternative career option. Shay continues the lifestyle throughout a decade of raising children as a single mother. Until through this venture she meets Richard Smith, a country boy with a thick southern drawl and the charm of a true Casanova who falls for Shay’s grit, moxie, professional consistency under pressure and good looks.

After the nuptials Shay and Richard build a small empire together. Richard begins using their product for himself, and begins a series of affairs with Shay’s friends that he fuels with an endless supply of crystal methamphetamine. Richard quickly descends into madness and paranoia holding Shay captive with surveillance, abuse, and cyber attacks. Shay finds herself beaten black and blue by a particularly violent episode between her and Richard. She she hears Kevin Gates album playing in her son’s room. Over the next few months his lyrics speak to her and give her the inspiration she needs to form the drive in herself to push forward and fight her way out of the misery that had become her life. She uses Kevin as a survival tool of positive thinking to free herself and her children from the reach of her deranged husband.

Once free from Richard’s grasp Shay is quickly discovered and cast as an actress by an Oscar award nominated director. She is quickly groomed to become the lead supporting actor in an upcoming feature film. This would not be so strange had Pastor Lestley Drake, a trusted spiritual advisor of Shay’s, had not prophesied this very thing over her life months before leaving Richard.

Shay meets Peter Elwell a costar on another feature film scheduled to premier in 2017. Peter and Shay quickly become friends and Peter introduces her to Award winning filmmaker Christian Hardy. It doesn’t take long to build a quick collaborative artist environment in the middle of Shay’s French Quarter apartment’s living room. The group of dreamers and survivors quickly decide to go forward and begin the process of proposing the feature film Star’s Rising to film festivals around the world!

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  • Shay Walker
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Writer Biography - Christian Hardy, Shay Walker

A New Orleans based filmaker.

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Also Shay Walker's personal talent manager